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Sort of like. Jesus Christ superstar, but if it was only about the followers. I think palace said that those other rock operas like Jesus, Christ, superstar, and what's the One? God spell got smell. That's right. He thought that those were just sort of watered down, and he wanted like a real message to go out who? Palace sorry, along with a few others moved to Vancouver, island in Canada, and formed a new commune called Highway Missionary Society. The sheep were no more, but a new band was started called servants. They put out six albums and were known for two things number one. They were the first Christian rock band to use a laser light show. Oh that was them. And number two. They gave Petra their start. A psych. Put you in the Rock Hall of fame right there. Pal Asari continued in the Christian rock music industry, starting another record label promoting bands like the news, boys and White Cross and narrating a documentary about Lonnie Frisbee who's one of the most well known in earliest of the Jesus Freak Flyers. Perhaps there was no one single cult leader that intrigued us more than the man known as Zen Dick. He truly is an irresistible force. Lawrence Wolfing Was Born in El Paso Texas in nineteen twenty, but mostly grew up in Los Angeles. His father was a golden gloves, boxer and an opera singer and his mother was a bookie. By the time he reached thirty two will hang had already spent time building hot rods, flying small engine planes running a nightclub where he also sometimes sat in on drums for jazz bands. And joined the family business as a bookie himself. Wolfing slowed his pace and began writing. At first it was mostly Beatnik poetry and lyrics he'd spent time at coffeehouses, hanging out with other artists, and in nineteen, fifty seven, he and his. Girlfriend moved to Paris. It was there that he was introduced to Jen's Bergen. Some other also ran beat writers. While in France, he wrote a quest among the bewildered, which was a memoir because who doesn't want a memoir about a writer that no one's ever heard of. From Paris wilfing studied with an Ninh who encouraged him to hold off on the memoir and start working on a novel instead, it would be much more marketable. For nearly a decade spent in Spain wolfing worked on his novel called Zen Dick, which was the name of the protagonist. Wolfing was very proud of his nine hundred page Tome and sent it off to publishers. When they all asked that edits. Be Made wolfing now. Calling himself Dick refused and withdrew it from publishing houses completely, he never tried to have it published again. Xenophobic move back to la where he met an aspiring actress name Carol Merson the two were smitten immediately with each other and stayed together for nearly forty years. In nineteen sixty nine, the two started Zantac Farm in artist Commun- designed for physical, psychic, psychological and Cultural Mavericks. Xenophobic already changed his name to Goof Zedek and Carol had dropped the sea in change hers to Aero Wolf. Clever. Lever. They. They're confused about what they. Are. They S.'s are the KS. I'm I'm with errol. There so on fusing. Can you please? Okay. It was on the farm. That ZANEX creativity really blossomed. He wrote poetry songs essays in even started back on his memoirs. He also painted and started playing music, even creating his own instruments, one of which was used for a lot of his recordings. It was called an Itar. Didn't like g you either apparently. Which is an eight stringed cross between a Sitar in a guitar. During this time in addition to releasing hundreds of hours of recorded monologues. He's woes Zedek, also started releasing albums. His best album. Strontium rain is frighteningly enchanting. Long Evil Sounding lyrics music with his voice more often, talking than singing, often playing Satanic Tremolo or haunting echoes. There was a black Sabbath undercurrent two pieces of it, but ZANEX music is much more interesting and experimental. Here's a clip of just such a track. The eleven minute strontium rain. The.

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