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Last year he was sacked forty one times a grand total of one hundred fifty six secs have been registered against andrew luck in his first five years in the national football league they speculated that he's been hit at least in addition to 175 two two hundred times in other words arguably quarterback in the nfl over the last five years has been beat up more than him and so if this guy is your franchise a you failed to protect him that to me is incredibly problematic so what deserve safe bodily come visits as he gets rid of grigson why do i bring that up i know nothing about khris balaju new gm i know nothing about him but i'm going to lean on our order resident hall of famer you know i mean lissette you've got a guy that got brain lock here right now max the jia for the colts that works with us right now the hall of famer okay polia bill polian that they'd thank god i keep polio could france even that's right up to say and like i said i got a lot of things obama so i just got a second but polian comes on with me the other day and he's talking about ballot and how this man knows what he's doing and he talked about how he knows what he's doing in the bill polian says this man knows what he's doing i'm gonna give bill polian the benefit of the doubt and i'm going to say okay now you're moving at a forward direction because ballot had to inherit proganda chances are you may change courts the eight clearly he's got about the business of prioritising move the full with and prioritise of protecting our andrew look.

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