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Welcome to the Northern Kentucky. Spotlight on Catherine Niro. Thank you for joining me Jeremy Schramm the marketing and Communications Director for the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce and one of the newest members of leadership more than Kentucky joining me here we'll be talking about that coming up in just a little bit Jeremy but we got a lot going on today. Yeah. It's. It's. It's a nice day. It's a nice day outside I wished that outside like you are. My Wifi is not strong enough like I have my computer plug into the wall. Mine is, is that I have to be inside but I'm taking care of that. I actually just bought a new router that's just arrived yesterday. So maybe I'll get the car outside, but then it'll be. Language Jeremy It. Sounds like. It really is. we got some some great guests today. We Got Courtney. She's got another mayor from Alexandria today, and then also we've got a leak room from triad and Brit Fitzpatrick from blue north and they're gonNA talk to us about. Evolution, into the the awesome startup generator that it is and it's going to be really cool and then we got some cool headlines. We'll talk about you know Michael is being leadership class the best place ever. That's what they say, right? All right. All right. All that's coming your way in just a little bit stick with us. We do want to thank as always our sponsor CG, our title sponsor, the Ellen in Federal Credit, Union, our studio digital sponsor in our studio sponsor. I'm getting those mixed up the secret consulting. We appreciate that so much because digital in studio these days are all one. So we thank all of you all at once and so as we move forward, we have used stick with this..

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