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The sound that you can hear is probably that screeching you turn on the French motorway while she was trying to get back to avoid quarantine but I suspect she didn't make it. So she's in Tuscany for the next ten days or so. So for the next three weeks, we have three different co presenters with me next Wednesday were street in the Labor. MP. He'll be joining me and then next Saturday Caroline Flint. But delighted to say that we have Denise Headley with US Today Denise. Hi Hi and thank you so much for giving me the chance to sit with you on the for the cost of A. Perfectly okay as it's going to be very interesting to see the different tone that you have from Miss Smith I says I suspect your mouth is less than hers. I do I will try to maintain a level wonderful standard for the new if you really need to. Okay. So for those of those people listening who haven't heard you on my show and LBC, just give a little bit of background to yourself who are you? Well I am Denise Headley. I am Ah Okay. So I've got one Sisto and both my parents are from China, with is in the Caribbean basically in South America I spent most of my formidable years in Russia say much of. Now. Spent. Most of my life, any lives in north London I grew up in Hackney and. And now reside in Enfield. I would say the Obama community grassroots activists because that's my history month, political history and..

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