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In as when needed. So it's not excessive. So so he doesn't take those big shots that he just can impact you down the road. Bruce you watch the game yesterday from the sidelines. What did you see about the Detroit Lions and Matt Patricia program? They're trying to get going over there. I mean, Matt Stafford we Murph, and I have watched Matthew Stafford at least once a year in the preseason for his entire career. We think the guy can really sling it, but they're really struggling offensively. Yeah. Look, I mean in fairness to match Stafford. I mean when we sat down with him on Saturday. He has trouble getting in out of his chair. His back is bad. He was banged up. Pretty good. So, you know, they a lot of ways with the exception of the quarterback experience. I feel like they do mirror. What you see what the Bill? I think they have a really good defensive line. I think that they have some key pieces in place but skill position wise around the quarterback, I feel like they don't they don't have time to work with. I mean, Kenny golladay good second-year receiver. He struggled pastor Peterson the week before he had a big game obviously yesterday. But then you can just look they're pretty limited in the backfield. And I think that's hard when you're Puerto batch hurt. I just think that you know, they have some good pieces. But this is the best, you know, six when team right now. And I think that, you know, Patricia has got I think they got to be patient with them because there's been some positives. But at the same point. You look at it. I mean snack Harrison has made a difference in their defense. I think their defense is is is really going to be good as some good young players to to build around. But again, it reminds me a lot of the bills with exceptionally the experience quarterbacks by which is going to give you concern when he's been in there ten years, and it's like you want to see you wanna see some breakthrough right now. I don't see the lion getting close to break through last question. I have for you deals with another buffalo Bill another first round Buffalo Bills player remain Edmonds who you tweeted out today that is Alabama fans would be happy to see the way. He's just to the game. He had a pretty good game yesterday. Tremaine did didn't he? Yeah. I mean, look he's a big long or Dan mortgage like, you know, kids six five to fifty plus, you know, he's just turned twenty or he's still twenty. He's maybe two hundred sixty five pounds sixty pounds, and he can really run, and you just don't see the kind of length in the middle of the defense that he has the other things that I think abode really well, Leslie Frazier. They talk about his maturity is calm demeanor. And that's something that I think that you know, as you're talking about building around the around this defense, we have some young guys in the secondary the maturity that he has he's got a really awesome future there because of his rare combination a gifts that he has to go with the demeanor and the want to I mean, everybody we talked to Williams. Louis forever. You know, all the coaches the people in the personnel department. Everybody was high on Edmunds and in what they think he can do and what he's doing right now. I said Alabama. I meant for junior tech sorry about that sounds like you talk to everybody in the bills organization when you're up here, Bruce. Well, we're trying to go deep as we could mean is crazy in the middle of the game. Because I'm a college guy the running back at OU and the running back coach at Texas. Am just to try to find more about the fourth string running back because I knew he had been both places. And you just never know what you may need in. The course of the broadcast. Haber sanctuary and we didn't show couple years ago about the book, and I tell people it's really the the source for figuring out who's going to play quarterback in the NFL your book. And and we thank you for writing that. Thank you spend a few minutes on the show this year today. We appreciate it. My pleasure. Thanks, guys. Who have a lot of fun? Bruce feldman. Joining us from Los Angeles book is the QB the making of modern quarterbacks. And we thank you for joining us today on the subway fresh take hotline subway, eat fresh, I read that book Steve. And it's it's it's a little technical. But a lot of it is is stories about recent quarterbacks a lot of it west coast based, but just you know, where they go to get trained, and and how they train, and and and I guess the part that got me most of all was how early the recruitment and training period begins for top level quarterbacks. I we're talking seventh and eighth graders who get noticed this guy can play. We've gotta get him. And I've said it before to Josh Allen a lot Cam Newton when they're out there playing quarterback. A little bit. Like, Ben Rothlisberger. Kind of the biggest tallest kid on the field. And it's like a fifteen year old plane with twelve year olds, you know. And when that happens at younger ages, and the coaches put that big strong fast kid that can throw the football back there. It's gotten to the point where they don't see it used to be. All the big guys got put it running biking hand the ball and they'd run it. But now you give him the ball, and they can throw it and run it and they put him at quarterback at younger ages. And if you're the best kid you're going to get a shot to play that position. And if you if you hang in there long enough, all of a sudden, you're fourteen years old, and he got people approaching about getting trained or your or your seeking them out or giving advise to do it. So it's it goes deep. I mean, this is like hoops, you know, they they get these kids set aside when they're six seventh graders and an and life takes off from there. Have you ever done that texted while you were doing a games sideline reporting a coach to get information on a player who's in the game? Right. I mean, you you almost had to write a fourth the fourth string running back. I mean, what are you gonna you can't flip through the game? You know, the the media guide, it'd be a bad look, right right through the media. But it's true, you if you try and find out things, but also we'll have guys in the truck that will we'll call back and say, hey, what's the story with this guy? Where's he from? And if he is somebody, you know. Still too late on the sidelines for me to do that. Because they never answer right there watching watching. They're watching games. Yeah. Hey Twitter poll today who was the MVP for the bills in yesterday's win. One point win over the lions, you can give us a call. Let us know what you think. Eight three zero five fifty toll free one eight eight five fifty to five fifty you can tweet in a response. We might read it on our tweet you can vote in the Twitter poll who is the bills MVP in yesterday's win. Over the lions the Twitter poll. Fifty one percent of you say it's the quarterback. Josh Allen was the most valuable player. Thirty percent say it was wide receiver. Robert Foster twelve percent say safety. Jordan poi- guests in the first hour of the show seven percent of you. That's all say Lorenzo Alexander. This don't you think give us a call? Let's discuss let's go to Trent in Rochester. Hello, Trent, welcome. You're on the air with us. Thanks, guys. And I'm the guy. That's always given your shame. I deserve it. But also, you Di Di to to the point where I do not know what Bill. What do without your show got seriously? Wow. So off Trent. No, I mean banner day. A win doesn't opens up all this. Goodwill for Steve. The the late great van Miller used to say, and we're going to get back. You try them cut van used to say to me Murph when they win. We're the best. We're the best damn announcers in the NFL when they when the bills lose were something else. That's true. Yeah. That's the way it goes. What's on your mind Trent? I wanna make the point. Josh Allen wasn't protected. The play this year. Foster was his favorite receiver. They were both down the depth chart. And of course, dash Sally was able to get out and crack the starting lineup. A lot of chemistry that I'm not hearing a lot of people talk about because they were both it was stolen. So remember all good near fingertip touchdown passes. Josh Robert that he missed. Yeah. He put it right there. So he was showing inability to of course, everyone was just against string competition. He can do that on anybody at any given time. So my main point I'm making a day is that a lot of time together, and it's only gonna get better. So you're seeing the result of them being together down on the depth chart. Both pulled out which I think is great now they're both daughters. And it's just I feel like a proud father guy. And you know, it is a good point. They worked together during the bye week. Right. When everybody else kind of cleared out the bills got a lotta time off during the bye week just a month or so ago, and they work together they stayed here. Robert Foster stayed here is Joshua's bouncing back from his injury. So yeah, that was needed somebody to throw tune Robert Foster said, I'll do it. It's interesting too and trim brings up a good point about the reps that they got together. And I think it's one of the things we look back on. Maybe that has that has hurt other guys on the bills about not getting opportunities and not having a chemistry with Josh Allen, most notably. We spoke about earlier, Charles clay. He can't not only did he work with Nate Peterman. Derek candidate all the guys that were starting before Josh got in and then with Josh he didn't practice much because of his because of his age because of his knee that he has to they have to monitor really closely. He doesn't get as many reps as these young guys who are undrafted rookie free agents because he just can't practice enough. And that's one of the reasons. Perhaps he hasn't been as effective at tied in with Josh Allen in there either. But certainly the more times you throw to a player the MO and when the chips are down in you're under pressure. The ability to know what that guy's gonna do. Because you've thrown to him a million times is invaluable, and it, and it leads to more opportunities for that. And I think there's no question that Robert Foster and Josh Allen, proven it. He's got a call here. Hi, how you with rules, Iran? I don't know. I know I feel the same way. Well, let's take Kevin in Rochester. I kevin. I think I know what you're going to ask you about. Go ahead. Kevin you're on the air this. Hey, guys. How you doing? It's a real pleasure to be honest with you right now. My my question was my question was is. Yeah, you probably know what I'm talking about. There's two thirty eight left in the game and Allen may set. Nice little floated a chrome. He catches it for the first down in the lions only had one time out and they call the penalty, but the bills obviously waved a penalty and the clock doesn't that? He's caught. He's tackled. Inbound the o'clock stopped and we're trying to grind the clock out. And then the game, and I'm thinking great, we're gonna we're gonna maybe burn the clock down at ten minutes or the lines are gonna have to burn their last time out. They don't burn their last time out, you know, and the clock just sits there after they went apparently the clock just insert to thirty eight. And I I noticed that thought I started somewhere thing happened in the past Steeler game last night near when the killings were trying to run some clock. You know, what you need and ask about the play. I thought you're gonna ask about Kevin. And I'm looking it up here. There was a penalty flag thrown on that play. Glover Quin was on the plate and the past a chrome the big pickup the second nine bills at their own twenty five twenty five yards. Do jason. Groom a penalty on Glover Quin for defensive holding which the bills the client is they got twenty points. Yeah. Without you would think normally that if the penalty was declined that they would start the clock. But they don't if there's a penalty call whether it's accepted or declined the clock. Stay stopped. Yeah. Isn't that kind of funny because that's like helping the lions like, okay? So they get a holding. And they're getting help on that play. Because I was like, wait a minute. Did I miss how many time outs? They they blow time out there real quick. And I'm like, I just doesn't seem doesn't seem fair to any team trying to run the clock down. It's okay for the bills because think about it if it was a third in two or third in three and they they run that play. And it's a five yard penalty. Will they get the first down anyway? And or if it's not they get a replay the down. So you're gonna lose that time anyway, and the bills could certainly choose. So they got not only the time that the first play took off the clock. They also get the time for the replay of third down a replay of second down on the penalty. So they don't stop the. They don't start the clock whenever there's an infraction. Even if it's declined thanks very much. Let's go to Terry and Niagara Falls. Hello dairy. Welcome to the show. Carey. Yeah. Are you doing? Hi, you're on the air. Terry. Yeah. Just calling..

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