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Do think it's important that people have sort of credible information and you're speaking to people not just to the public. But also to policymakers for what it's worth. I'm a little bit more optimistic this week than I was last week in terms of the seriousness. With which this is being taken especially inside government based on a number of personal discussions and some secondhand discussions so I guess that's the thing I'm personally most optimistic about I mean. There are some people on the federal side. Who definitely been doing this? And then people like Deborah burks have been good and Tony of course is always great Brett. Terrar- is not a household name but he's assistant secretary of Health and was with us for a while here in Texas and he's been the one. The scientist finally ramp up the testing. And he's been doing that. I think we're doing a great job to me. I think the profile Governor Cuomo's had is the one that really woke us up and who got on has been getting on there every day. Saying what the Hell's going on where my respirators? Where my bed's these are the projections? These are what we're going to need. This is what's going to happen to our hospitals and being overrun. So I give a lot of courage. Points to the governor of New York on that front will thank you very much. I WanNa let you get back to work and I know we'll be in touch again soon. We'll pick it up then. I think what impresses me about our discussion. Today is how different it was compared to a week ago and shows you how quickly this thing is moving and so always happy to do this again. Some point we'll see how this thing continues to change. Because I said it last week I'll say it again this week. The stuff were saying today may look totally ridiculous in a few days or a week because this thing is moving so fast. These virus pandemics emerging threats. Set you up to make you look bad and they do that with our federal leaders or state leaders and even doctors and scientists are gone. Tv So do continue to need to refresh. Yeah I hope they make us look bad by saying we over. Responded than we under responded. I'll say amen to that all right. Good Night Peter. Thanks again all the best. Thank you for listening to this week's episode of the drive if you're interested in diving deeper into any topics we discuss. We've created a membership program that allows us to bring you more. Indepth exclusive content without relying on paid ads. It's our goal to ensure members. Get back much. More than the price this attrition at that end membership benefits include a bunch of things. One totally kick ass comprehensive podcast show notes the detail every topic paper person thing. We discussed each episode. The word on the street is nobody's shown. I was rival. These monthly ama episodes or asked me anything episodes hearings episodes completely to our private podcast. That allows you hear everything without having to listen to feels like this. The qualities jurist super short. Podcast typically less than five minutes that we released every Tuesday through Friday highlighting the best questions topics tactics discussed on previous episodes of the drive. This is a great way to catch up on previous episodes without having to go back and necessarily listen to everyone steep discounts on products that I believe in but for which. I'm not getting paid to endorse a whole bunch of other benefits. That we continue to trickle in as time goes on if you WANNA learn more and access these member only benefits you can head over to Peter Attiyah. Md DOT COM forward slash subscribe. You can find me on twitter. Instagram facebook all with the. Id Peter Attiyah md. You can also leave us a review on Apple podcast or whatever podcast player. You listen on.

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