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Either way I feel like this is a win win for the forty Niners in their front office. If they lose the game again as we mentioned with the cardinals the raiders are another one of those teams that are in contention for. Top-five pick and every win that they get particularly if it means a loss for the forty Niners is a good thing for the forty Niners. It on the flip side of that. If Nick Mones plays really, well, maybe he keeps playing in the forty Niners have an opportunity to evaluate him. I don't know. I do know Nick Mullins is not a long-term answer quarterback for the forty nine. No, no I ever. Maybe he's more than just a practice squad guy because the forty Niners seemed content to just hold two quarterbacks going into the regular season is the second year in a row. It looks like that's sort of the MO of this front office. So Nick Mones can become the guy is there some sort of, you know, whoa. New quarterback controversy here in in Santa Clara between CJ Beathard. And Nick Mullins in any case at least typically in the preseason. Nick Mullins didn't do too bad fans. Obviously love him and gave him the cameras a little cute nickname. I think it was Molins time or something which is sort of silly. It can't be everyone's time every time they do some a little little reductive. I think Garrett sell like what have something to say about that. He has to who hasn't. Ironically, had any sort of time lately he hasn't done very well. But nonetheless this game looks like it could come down to specifically who has the best quarterback. And whether it's Nick Mones or CJ Beathard it's a pretty obvious edge to the raiders provided. Jon Gruden doesn't get in the way. I think that you're absolutely right. I think oftentimes. The game is decided by the best quarterback in that quarterback in this game is a very very clearly Derek Carr, despite the fact that whether or not you think he wears guy liner or whether or not he cries effect is he is not playing terrible football this year. And when you think of the I think the chance the Niners have is that the raiders defense is incredibly porous there on the year, so far which is now adjusted for opponents is twenty-ninth the Niners defense just twenty four th so the Niners have a better defense in the raiders. The raiders are giving up running yards basically to everyone. And when you look at last week against the colts, they gave up three touchdowns tight ends. So I think that when you look at the Niners strength on offense the running game and in the receiving game. They're tight end. And when you look at what the raiders don't do. Well, which is defend the run and guard against tight ends. I think you have an opportunity for the Niners to score bunches of points in for the Niners. Now bunches of points means somewhere. North of twenty eight and that could be just enough if the Niners defense actually comes to play it. Absolutely. Could I think the forty Niners have a unique opportunity if there is one at least in this case to see how Shanahan stocks up against Jon Gruden who fifteen years ago was considered a strong offensive mind. But the raiders defense isn't particularly good either. In if the forty Niners can continue to score at least a little bit or or do score at least a little bit. They have an opportunity to win against a bad team, if they can create some, you know, Thursday night teams are tired and Beata bodies or sore. Maybe the forty Niners come out with a little bit of juice in energy in steal a couple early touchdowns on the raiders. All right. So which would you want as a fan as a human? It's the last battle the bay. There is this kind of intra bay rivalry between the raiders and the Niners, even though I guess it stopped being really a rivalry when they stopped playing in the preseason because people got a little stabby. So which would you prefer would you prefer losing this game?.

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