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A says a selling point gap anyway my question today is uh i use uh window thabit on on this particular computers my desk thought and about a month ago i started getting it have popping up on screen it can be in in uh facebook it can be on stuck on the surfing on elect on the web and i'll get a blue uh download tab it'll pop up on top of images and sometimes he'll be two or three of them show up and i re write click on on uh and you can look at property it referring to the link that i'm on i have no idea where the who's coming up brown iran ah eat their not 32 antiapartheid pablo i mean i can't now where is not going to do that that's that's not yet i mean what's the point of doing that just you know windows is funny that way sometimes weird things like that so a blue so you're looking at a web page in a tab pops up yeah right on poppa on the ama giving you make your one in may shake show or two or three of those like sound like a browser extension and then that so you could download the image directly yeah and but i have no idea how they came monday because ab picky about you know anything i'd i i wanted download what to browse miller you using uh i use i uh nicholson seven its authority eleven uh a lot of the hardware that were worth at work uh only works do we internet explore their story storrow starting to pay that in two world wars with edge but uh a lot of the uh i do a lot of uh network uh happy cameras or surveillance yusen uh some of the security systems i have access to reprogramme thing the only work to internet explore you don't have to politized soka east i know anybody who's it added explores a little bit on the defensive these days right it's a so one thing you can do is reset internet explorer like enact this the first thing i would try there's also a safe mode uh but you could reset internet explorer which would clear out any extensions.

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