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This week's iheartradio new release rundown donald trump's america another mass shooting during president trump's tenure at the white house a gunman claiming many lives at the first baptist church of this small south texas community of sutherland springs this pastorale another local church believe and again all the uh uh we believe in what the scriptures say we believe that uh that if the nature bornagain that will be in the presence aboard when we die so now we're going to stay in on that president trump traveling in japan said sutherland springs has america's support my administration will provide its full support nick great state of texas and all of the stories investigating this horrible krajina texas gov greg abbott thanked law enforcement for the asking that all texans pray for the community during this time of mourning in loss texas senators ted cruz and john cornyn tweeting they're keeping all those harmed in sutherland springs in their prayers colonel scott fox news uh gene gene love courage don tru glenn back so the iranian nuclear deal named to say it this way the most overly hyped and talk about peace of dna in the history of overly hyped and talked about diplomacy ever the obama administration did everything in their power to convince as the steel was an absolute miracle delivered to us by god that it was a product of some diplomatic genius as if obama channeled the ghost of winston churchill through kerry to while the iranians to the negotiating table seeing them to bend to our will pay no attention to those giant crates of cash on the tarmac of the airport all that talk of this deal and the diplomatic move of the century was actually the equivalent of stoop grech me if i'm wrong a twenty yard punt on first down that was very good distorts analogy thanked out there she overcome it didn't want to have to deal with iran so was he punted the football to another president that's what the iranian deal really is it leverett the latest attack damp that means an administration looking to build a legacy campaign trail kept the trump kept the hype dean john i making the iranian deal one of the.

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