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Attempting to get dinger's attention. Puska apologized shirts horrible language. That doesn't belong anywhere on our broadcasts. As far as i'm concerned yeah. The mascot was nearby a spin plans arms. Well when the incident occurred in the ninth inning. Marlins outfielder lewis brinson was at bat and that is one of the many reasons that led fans to believe that a racial slur was being sad and particularly was being aimed ham bhardwaj video at least fifty times in the past Fifteen sixteen hours Wash it a lot of you know. Especially when i heard that you know he said dinger instead of the n. word I personally This is again my personal opinion. I'm personally keep hearing the n. Word it's not that i want to hear it. I'd never want to hear that word. Personally i've never been called that in in person to my face on the baseball field outside the baseball field ever So i don't know what my reaction or anything be if i Got called that Again i haven't talked to the rockies talked to that debt of fan personally but if that's the case then i'm sorry for any backlash or anything that He's getting a right now. I know a lot of people. Were getting a lot of love and support on instagram. I'm sure on twitter. And i appreciate that Wholeheartedly hundred percent But again I'm human. I have sympathy If he was yelling for the mascot. I am sorry for any backlash or any attention. Unnecessary attention that he's getting right now. but that doesn't shed or that doesn't defer that this does happen in our game. I don't know a lot of people if a lot of people know. This have seen a lot of players. Talk about that previous to this week About things horrible things that are shouted then while they're playing. Billy eyeless on with jimmy fallon last night in superstock about her new album. I like didn't know what i was doing. All i mean until really like almost when they almost override and even notably called. I didn't know what the vibe was going to be. I didn't know art. Work should be and i wanted to have a real feeling to it and a real like aesthetic to i guess just talking about this and i can't remember who we were talking about it in regards to but Billy has since esia have thought hard time saying She actually explains it. But i didn't realize that she was one of the people who had it too though sesia Real quick summit up. It's a thing in your brain where you associate random stuff to everything. for instance. Every day of the week has color a number of shape. Sometimes things have a smell that i can think of or a temperature or texture so like all of my videos for the most part have to do a sinister usua- all of my artwork. All of my everything. I do live all the colors for each song because those are the colors for those really interesting to me. She also talked about her. Sold out world tour for happier than ever which kicks off in february could explain lab had like six streams. This week shows dead serious i. It's been so long it's going to have been two and a half years. I guess told your. It's.

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