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Right top of next hour, we actually. Have the joy of being able to, talk, with Howard Kremer author pop? Culture expert and former curator at. The rock and Roll Hall of fame refi think was, the, first, doctorate nineteen eighty-seven we'll talk with Howard Kremer, more about Aretha Franklin et cetera when we reach the one o'clock hour hey what else going on time four what's happening Remember that. Standoff trader Joe's additional charges filed today against that guy who shot his grandmother. Seven times stole her. Car took off with his. Girlfriend in car cops gave chase he opened fire in broad daylight at them from, moving vehicle the moving vehicle crashed his car. Into a poll and ran inside that trader Joe's firing at the cops concert turn fire and a. Manager lost her life there at the trader Joe's he appeared in court today did not enter. A plea, his arraignment was postponed, he is charged with murder they added some charges kidnapping and carjacking as well because after he shot his mother sorry shot his grandmother and kidnapped his girlfriend that's when he led the police officers on. The chase that ended with that crash outside that, store and. Of course he can be charged with, the, murder of the death of? The, store employees Because he was the one who caused all of this, even though it wasn't his bullet that hit. Her terrible story out of Colorado today as suburb of Denver where a mom pregnant mom fifteen weeks. Along and her three-year-old daughter Celeste and four year old daughter Bella were killed by the husband You know what it just hit me to, looking at pictures of these little girls they're spitting images of dad weird isn't it very odd Chris watts Has finally admitted after yesterday he was all over the news he had been given. He'd been giving several interviews to a bunch of different stations about the the torment he was in because his wife and children were. Missing right now, I don't even want to just like throw anything out, there, like a hope that she's somewhere safe right now, and with the kids but I, mean could she? Event because she just taken off out of no but if somebody. Has her and they're not safe. Like I want them, back now Like that that's what am I if they're safe right now they're going to come. Back but if they're not safe right now. That's that's the not knowing partly if they're, not safe last, night hours at. Everyone in the house on I was hoping, that I would just get just ran over by the kids running. In the door dislike barrel Russia but it didn't happen and it was traumatic night trying to be here he said that. She had come home from a business trip very early. Monday morning like one thirty two in the morning and that he left for work at about five in the morning and in that time they didn't. Really sleep they had what he called an emotional conversation not a fight not an argument he referred to it as an emotional conversation. But we don't, know how we don't know how he killed them but, we, do know that the bodies were found at his, old place of business and oilfield There have been a series of overdoses in Connecticut because of QE two semi to that's that pot synthetic. Pot unites seventy-one people have overdosed in Connecticut. The majority of them happened in the New, Haven green downtown, park near Yale. University throughout the day this is often advertised, as a safe alternative to marijuana sounds like it sounds just like. It because let me go through the list of the overdoses we've had on pot recently yeah Exactly it's a class of. Designer drugs made up of. Psychoactive chemicals sprayed onto plant material it's smoked added to tea or food and eating you conveyed it. And the the the effects mimic those of THC earlier. This year k. two was linked to at least twenty two cases of severe bleeding from the. Nose gums and in urine. Okay That'd be enough right I. Mean in terms of kicking the habit at one point why don't you just go down and get yourself some good old fashioned. Pot Member member in where was that Brooklyn the Brooklyn neighborhood When they said there was like a zombie like situation dozens of people that took. K. to we're just walking around with blank stares stumbling and you. Could only, imagine if you're, if you're making this stuff I mean this synthetic marijuana they're making it the additives that they would, put into it They said, this specifically the stuff in New Haven did not have any additives in it but. That doesn't mean that these other places didn't like Chicago and Brooklyn. Like you're, talking about but, Rick this weekend is the the first chargers game at home Chargers Seahawks on Saturday night. That's going to be a great time what are those, is para tickets oh you just have tickets, lying around we have a, pair of tickets to Saturday's game to give away. Games at seven PM always a great time out there. At, stubhub center the most intimate NFL experience having. Seen a game there you've you saw. All of them last season but having. Seen. A game they're both a, soccer game in a football game, football is unbelievable when you're that close to the, game yeah you don't realize how big those guys are you don't realize how big they are you don't realize how fast they're going yeah and even though you can you know the sidelines or Mike so if you're listening or you're watching a TV you can. Hear them hit man, that you feel the concussion would I feel the first time I. Saw Melvin Gordon hit the gap there and just run into a wall of defensive lineman thought. He died like because the impact was so loud there and your Because you're right there on the field pretty much I thought he's dead he's dead and then he popped up Everything was fine let's?.

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