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On the one i doing actually really great good ju questions we gotta houses built the ninety uh has a lot of gold fixtures new south and who colder brass will goals play some of the brash like hingis in south of like you know the to things like that are actually go real gold like you know to my detach at real goal just looks looks like okay all right i'm on the same time i'm jackie now yeah and i'm trying to figure out number one uh that's kind of how to style is not well kind of sort of but not really the go ahead they've lost like w showered masters you know the same thing it's kind of a brass coldest color all the fossils and things like that house your gold that type of thing so that's something would help we're going to sell the house help increase the value gel yes all and now one of the things and it will tell you though is on it's not inexpensive to do that to replace thing i mean it really isn't so so what am i gonna do is i'm gonna tell you get on the even our wikki how they have this and you can dull the look of the brass the gold is most likely brass some of it could be plastic that's going be a different process moulded plastic with a metallic paint they did that in the nine these it's it's a very painful discovery when you have that because it just has to be replaced but all those hinges all those door handles all of that you can do this there's lots of things that you can do by mixing like salt water or vinegar you can just doll the brass there's also chemical.

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