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Job. He knows the terrain also he thought I knew what mostly obviously was going to happen. But I was pretty surprised by the Catheter. That was a pretty amazing unexpected experience. This is having a catheter. Putting your era so so that you can wait. You had no idea what to expect that people explain things to and you may listen you. You will not know very interesting. And what wasn't like really uncomfortable in the way the whole time and very difficult to go for a walk and one of the greatest moments was having taken out and I remember one fellow in this group I describing where we got together to be given some information before we went into the operation he described it as is better than six having taken that. I thought. That's that's pretty weird. Everyone laughed at us. Probably sweet sweet relief but back to that operating Feta where the silencing didn't stop for Rob even. When he went under the knife he was about to become the subject of his own ongoing experiments? I'm very interested in surgery research. I love the technology policy that underpins surgical procedures. The robot is an engineering fate. Is the DAVINCI robot here. I've been doing some research research with other colleagues looking at the way you blow up the abdomen. So the robot can work within that operating space. All if you're doing a standard leprous copier Ceja Ceja. These are working space. So you can get around the organs and make sure that not damaging any services etc most of gravitated to using carbon dioxide. That's the safest and it comes out of a gas bottle cold dry it's clean and it's really right because it doesn't interact with some of the procedures which actually generate sparks and of course if you use oxygen he'd blow it very badly and indeed. There are examples where where that that gas comes out of the bottle like an Arctic blast. It dries all the services within the abdomen. And I've been doing research for some time trying to modify that one of the approaches. You add water today carbon dioxide sterile water and you warm coming up. So you humidifier it provide waterside. I dry the services and we've known for a long time that you can dry services into damage to the cells if missiles out very damaged they D- Laminate they come away from the services. And if you've got to surfaces with his eliminated sales they stick together. And you get a Deja. Those damaged services are fertile ground. Jim Sells to grow on. So I've been doing this kind of work for some time in mice in eggs moss us and more recently pigs and I showed this work today and I said I'd prefer not to use one of the devices which is involved in what's called insulation blowing up the abdomen showing the data. It's very it's published in its it sound peer-reviewed and he said I didn't appreciate how much was going on there. And he just listened to the data. It was an extraordinary thing really. We know that rob had been doing this work predominantly in colorectal cancers but some of the work really high quality signs Enzi was doing and publishing in these journals making people sit up around the world and go you know we needed. We think about the big picture. The patient's asleep we use fancy technology to cut the tumor. But there are these incremental things that happen. Around the periphery so I like that. Bring him bring his own science into his own experience but it does affect how we do. Everything insurgents have healthy and robust eggos. This declan Murphy. So you being politely requested to consider modifying defying technique a bio quite higher power on the matter actually but You know Lifelong learning is really important. Part of Of everything we do in life but but no more so in in someone who's a cancer specialist and even looking at my surgical logbook operations. I did when I was training in surgery. That just don't exist now especially in breast cancer when I was you know we all did training in all sorts of surgery on my wow. I looked at all these patients. We operated on doing mastectomies and think well I'm sure ninety percent of those women if they were Being diagnosed today and managed it they would not be having a mistake to me. they'd be having targeted molecular profiling. Because you're going to get your hormone status they'd have a targeted targeted therapy that have Radiotherapy and a lumpectomy and so we don't mind therefore constantly challenging ourselves or being challenged about what's best practice is but it is really important to have good evidence to inform changes in practice and that's why on that little example when rob shortstop went up that high quality evidence. It's not just high fancy a change GONNA use. Is this thing instead of that thing. And the other aspect of his science background coming into it he said. I want a photograph He said a photo in the operating tater when the prostate comes as as you know like when you catch a fish so. His niece was charged with a soon as we'd extracted the pro. The prostate held it up in front of the camera and in front of my face. He wanted this this trophy photo of his prostate. What did you do with that? Don't tell me on the mantelpiece family fighters Now it's not anywhere special. The surgery was a success. Rob Easing the clean. Air and other things have changed to. What's changed in your body buddy? I'm aware of it. I look after maybe even better than I did before I've had my continents I are not back to complete fleet Sexual function but it's it. Psychiatry of this is to help but I'm in a good hit spice and I'd probably in a bit of head space now than I was before I went to surgery and the reason is I had a bit of time off and I got to reflect and put a bit more attention on enjoying the good things around NBA. I wasn't because I was going to die. I wasn't thinking that I was thinking. What an enormous privilege it is to get through a series is operation out the other side? Still being able to work still be able to do all the things that I care about. And I've much greg clarity about how great it is to be alive and one thing that has happened this year. Which is being quite funny are discovered the weekend has to Dyson it? And and daren't going into the lab breach Ainley on the weekend how is having prostate cancer. Changed your work as a cancer research scientist what it's done is it's it's made me much. More impatient about getting clinical trials moved along. I am very focused on things which will change. Patient patients outcomes. Now everything you do in partnership is going to be better than doing by yourself. And that's what I've got out of it. I'm one of the lucky ones but it was because because my GP blocks needs have could JP. And I need to go and see them and keep an eye on the health because having a high. PSI level doesn't mean when you have prostate cancer. It doesn't mean that you'll guide to have to have any procedure bit. It's one saints and all it's pretty easy to you can monitor it an Iva time time you'll jp will direct you in the right way to whether you need a specialist or were they you'll find to go on as as normal Enforcing very many men still will face of death from prostate cancer. Many listeners out there will be a all too aware of it but thankfully of all the main diagnosed prostate cancer nowadays the vast majority will survive their cancer and indeed very many of them will not even need treatment for their cancer. But please you know get out there and find out about it. In the first place get into the GP and of course while you're there you know this is my own tail when I was getting my psa checked my gp very good as well said yes. Sure can lou check your PSA okay l.. Let's check their blood pressure and the cholesterol and there what about you. BMI and has the mental health. You know exactly Yeah No. PSA great cholesterol. Not so good. Actually but again Ed. So there's an important message for us man you know I'm in my late forties and get out there and know your numbers actually Great Hash Tag. That runs in Canada aimed at men. It's run by the the Ice Hockey Group there and they WANNA message to men who like ice hockey. It's like forty here playing off the fact that they know the statistics of of their favorite player their favorite team. But do they know their blood pressure at do cholesterol. And so it's I like that idea that we as men out there listening. We should know your numbers you know. Don't be obsessed necessarily but please don't be blind to the affect your cholesterol is seven or European level is twenty and your dad died of prostate cancer. You know you're in a special box that you should know your numbers and know your risk. Think it's good to remind ourselves ourselves constantly. What a humbling privilege? It is to be allowed to do this type of work. And that's not just doing surgery which I think is incredibly humbling experience to be allowed to to do but you know for for a patient to commit to your GP practice and say. I'm happy for you to examine my chest and listen to my my heart and then prescribe me some powerful medications. I'm going to go down and take them. It is an enormous responsibility being allowed to advise a fellow person at on that and to take the extent of making holes into people and taking out loans of the body. I just every single day. What a privilege and it's humbling and it's not just saying that it's something we say all the time to our youngsters getting through? Don't forget what I don't WanNa Hump humbling pleasure privileges to be allowed to do this type of work. Never never forget it. Well the sage and and the scientist and the robot and the robot lovely the heavy on the show. Thank you so much for joining me and good luck. Congratulations absolute pleasure. Thank you so much insight and generosity. Thanks for your openness. This cancer scientists Professor Randy and euro oncologist Professor Declan Murphy. Both with the pay to McCallum Kansas Inter in Melbourne on the Tesha Mitchell sides. Science friction is a radio show on radio national a podcast which usually has a little more inish and website which is where you can catch up with me and the program program. I'll catch you next week. Thank you this week to send. Engineer Chrissy Miltiades do have a great one. You've been listening to to an A._B._C.. podcast discover more great A._B._C.. podcasts live radio and exclusives on the A._B._C. Listen APP..

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