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From a former CIA analyst, Buck Sexton. More rope called Finish us out for the week before we We're able to take off some time here and focus on the Super Bowl. Life, family, friends, things other than politics. Won't that be nice? Larry. Great show. Keep up the good work. Larry. Appreciate that. Thank you so much. You should check out renting full auto firearms. While you're in Orlando. A couple of years ago, I rented an Uzi, but I don't member how much it costs. I didn't try to keep it all day. Of course, the ammo will probably cost more than the rental these days that there's any available. I know they will let foreigners but I'm not sure about someone from New York. Yeah, Larry, those those full auto, firearm rental things. They're very expensive. They usually and as I said, you don't even really get they kind of hold it for you. And you just get to pull. The trigger is how it goes in Vegas, so that's not You know, I'm like, Can I take my fully auto M four home, please? Excuse me. Can I borrow the squad automatic weapon for the weak? I will bring it back in excellent repair. There's no reason to worry, right? You know? Do I need this Browning 50 cow right now? Yes, I think I do. And I will bring it back and I will clean it thoroughly afterwards, you know, no problem. Dan writes. When I wrestled in high school, male versus male, we had weight classes and you had to weigh in before each match to make sure he did not exceed your weight class. And both competitors were supposed to be evenly matched James Dunn in boxing. You don't like heavyweights going up against featherweights, it would be a bloodbath. Other sports like Mm A UFC as well in order to somewhat toward the left woke is, um, maybe a new weight class system could be put in place for sports that traditionally did not have them like track and field. Most biological males at birth, even after gender reassignment surgery and hormones would not be able to alter their weight so that they could match up against true biological female competitors. Waits Dan It's an idea, and I think that you're right and how it would work. But I don't think it's uh, gonna happen anytime soon. But I appreciate you thinking outside the box. All right, everybody. Thanks So much honored that you were with me this week. We'll talk next week. Shields..

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