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Response but the internet has interpreted that as a legitimate possibility that chase young the house state edge rusher would almost certainly be Adil minimum minimum a top five pick in the draft in April may go back to Ohio state can what do you think the odds of that very very low I think a lot of people wanted to be done because we I think it's it be nice to see one guy go back well we feel that way interlock went went back we did make a big deal about that but I think people want to see guys go back they wanted that college feel and he might be Lovin tightened love it is time right now at the end of this like say they go out they win against Clemson they play in the national championship they win there I think that's just going to be bar none he's going to the NFL if they lose either one of these games coming up then there might be some tinge there but somebody still gonna get in front of his face and talk all talk common sense them and he's gonna go to the NFL basically you just have to go to the NFL but I do think right now I do believe him if he said that he did say that correct that's what he said that's what he said I actually believe it I think at the moment right now he's probably not thinking about the draft he wants to enjoy this experience this is a once in a lifetime thing that hopefully he'll remember for the rest of his life and in his family could talk about for a very long time and and hopefully he has grand children and a nice life and they all go man our grandpa chase was a was a Heisman Trophy finalist and finished second in some guy on the radio who after five burning questions made an argument that he was actually the real best college football player in America and even the people thought he was crazy that time Rampal chase went on had a great career ended and hopefully get to do that but right now he's probably focused on on this experience in the funnies getting in this experience and if he does feel that way I commend them for I know some coaches who are like that by the way a lot of good there are coaches who think in the back of their head this is a political move to get here I'm gonna do well and then we're gonna move on and and I'm gonna be at the coach somewhere a certain there are coaches you do that but I know a couple of coach is there in their spots in that they feel that they will retire in those spots and you would look at a couple of those guys and go no you know you're not gonna do that you're going to go somewhere else if you're successful here gonna go somewhere else they don't feel that way they get tunnel vision until it's actually time to move on I feel that maybe he's feeling the same way.

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