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Just made a bad, you know, Matt? Bad decisions bad. Read that throne third down. And once I got to have, uh, in order to help this team, move the chains on third down. You know what I'm gonna feel fulfilled. It'll get down there. It's only an interception question Field goal. That's that's not good enough to You're not going through anything champs that Wasps Buffalo bills quarterback Josh Alan after the loss to the Cannes City chiefs and shout out to our Colleague here at ESPN. Diane ever seen me for the question that Josh answered. She was in Kansas City today at Arrowhead Stadium, which was loud, all game long, limited capacity there an Arrowhead but still very loud for Josh out on the bills to deal with, but a great season. No doubt for Josh Allen on the Bills. I think something is very important. If you are a bills fan, Brian table is going to stay. As the offensive coordinator he was talked about during this coaching carousel, but it appears he's going to stay there. So a lot of continuity coming for Josh Allen is you kind of broke out into you know that upper echelon of quarterbacks this year, he won't have to learn a new offense or learn new language from another coordinator as day Bill will be back in Buffalo, so don't expect them to go anywhere. That should be a good team for quite some time. If I was gonna Keep playing like that Want to place a ESPN 1887293776. We've gotten some good calls all night long, and I was smart takes on the likes of Brady likes of Rogers. Now Mahomes and the Super Bowl. Let's hear from you still to come. We continue to break down the chief's huge win. That's next. You're listening to Tyler Monica on Kirk on Game night, ESPN Radio and the ESPN. Tom Brady is headed to the Super Bowl, and it's not even the biggest story..

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