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Eight Eighty Five K. Running in that in Garland must be because they're gone does it. You could run around the block on you so you could be doing. She'll be doing. Four hundred is outside coming back in. I'm Loving Chris. Pratt's instagram this week. Though isn't it does look like can I just say you haven't watched this year and we are? Now you'RE GONNA once you've seen it you'll know exactly why I mean. He should be in like that he should be in the targeting like he looks like a character from new character. She should be talking. I'm sure he's going to be thrilled when he hears this golf. Nothing he doesn't deserve particular like he's got his Wellington boots green willing to boot short shorts. Trust the process tea and these laycock on his car to wash fantastic jet wash. Yeah and these jet wash with sort of what's that thing called? I mean you would call it a squre but it took like a jet wash gone something jet wash gun pointing dangerously decking. Let least you. You've got your deck and laid the right way. Chris because otherwise period come bowling those sliding doors and go lying he says. Go on trusting the trusting the washing process in my trust the process tea in black heather with Gawk leg and short shorts blending perfectly the greenlees marathon. Talk Buff completes the nicely here. I'm stood poised and catalog pose ready to start productive. Day cleaning decking. It's time that you are all you need to do. Twitter tell us about give the mock-up ten tag at math and talking use. Hashtag let you run will choose favors to read out on the show. I off filed Chowdhury nine hundred ten. He says Mcdowell res on twitter nine royal flush minus one because I did sandbag kilometer eight when I realized the royal flush was on but I'm liking this twelve k split six hundred fifty six five hundred five five thirty eight five two thousand eight hundred twenty. Three five eighteen the sandbags. His words five seventeen nine five eleven five to four four nine four eight five fast class in the World K. Yeah Yep well done. It's a good one that final bit always producing such curve alligator attend at Brighton off. Of course at the garden marathon. Eight hundred laps around the house raising money for at mental health. Two points off the poor course design an. It issues affected the live feed on facebook who are hunters laps. Live feed eight hundred laps around the hairs on a live feed. Tell you what that must have been really good to watch Guy Lewin at under scholar in ten mortgage treadmill training miles done. I found training walls. Watching the Marvel Franchise the perfect distraction. Everything going on Hashtag Iran ten. Because I think I've found my way to cope could work Gary Darren at desma fifty five ten at ten for fantastic trail. Run observing all the local rules at plenty gorge part parts being closed due to bushfires now. Kobe nineteen however. I did manage to run through the part of the park open. It's lovely isn't it looks fantastic. Doesn't it right the two point? Six Challenge beasted passed me a little bit but I did sponsor my good mate. Tom Fairbrother who as Parvati marathon on a treadmill dresser tiger on Sunday I saw that and this this was Paul now Union me Martin. But I think London marathon kind of repurpose their charity fundraising for Sunday as part of St Point six challenge. I think the actual the twitter handle was actually the London. Marathon st-andre wasn't then they changed the name so I think yeah they all yet fully behind this out there. This is like their thing. They are in fact. There's a group with a mass participation kind of providers that came together but yes London marathon. I think we're pretty much leading on that now. Coming weeks as well as his great and he's is. It is a huge issue for charities London marathon race. I think last year sixty six million quid was raised for charities. Linda not to go. You know and you've you know got your child's storm break and you know I work closely apartment. I work closely with Alzheimer's research. Uk and they're like these charities that is their day like that is very fundraising day of the year and to have it taken away so damaging so this two point six challenge was created. Where people could I really liked about it was that you could be really creative. Some people could just go on a treadmill among twenty six points. Find other you guys got super creative. And we're doing twenty. Six monkey swings in twenty-six bounces on the trampoline a two year six kilo all Sunday the opening day. We got this from fundraising. Uk The two point six challenge raised over five million quicker. It's opening day the day. This is London. Marathon was due to take place. The challenge event was launched earlier. This month by mass. Participation event organizers including Part One London Landmarks Virgin Sport and under Maratha events to support the Chow tease would have benefited from London. Marathon currently postponed until the fourth one. Toba they asked people to help their chosen out by coming up with an activity based around the numbers two point six or twenty six distance in miles of the marathon instead to fundraise or donate to save the UK's charities via the two point six challenge website so nice creative way to an hopefully it will carry on for the next couple of weeks and raise a decent amount of money and and hopefully those charities will get through it yet. If you're thinking of doing something we will link to two point six challenged the UK on this week's show notes. That was because the London marathon of course was supposed to be on this past weekend and is probably like many of you listening was supposed to be doing it. Yeah we're supposed to be running right. That's right yeah we're supposed to be running. Us quite looking forward to it with SAM to the end of go get to do it and it got me thinking about. Oh holy and I discussed the show last week. All the things we miss about race we can. Everything involves much more than just doing the marathon and we all excited about well okay. Great we're really looking forward to it all happening again in October. Then I saw a piece for sure. Guard Sean Guardian Sean. Ingo should they just brilliant coverage for the Guardian about that under marathon where I think he'd spoken to Hebrew to the race director who had refused to rule out staging the event as a leak only race in the autumn. If social distancing rules make it impossible to run as normal Brazier told The Guardian? That while organizers still hope to hold the event on the fourth of October they when they're scenario planning for a red head other options gracious at the flame is still burning and There is still hope but you have to do it for right for society. You've usually got seventy five thousand seven hundred fifty thousand people out in central London watching forty five thousand runners is also medics and volunteers and the transport system says the law take into account when making any decision. That decision will be made by the back end of all at the latest explained Brazier and it will be based on government guidelines What we think and what we think society is right and what feels right at the time. So we'll have to wait and see. I think that already been canceled. And that's in September Tokyo elite Lynch. And see what happens now and look. The big thing is and we're getting this every day part one. What are you going to reopen? Or Win Wins. I can the big the only thing we know right now with everybody is. Nobody knows what's coming up. Said nobody knows when events are GONNA come back nobody events what knows what the guidelines are. GonNa be when they do So it could be. It could be anything I mean. I think I'd be surprised if if it went down. Only only route. Just because I don't know how if social distancing was implemented such you can never mass participation event. I'm not quite sure how it would be spectators. Yeah I mean if it would probably be. Let's say they did in the League one on a racetrack. Let's say like the the original was breaking thing you could do that and I think you might see some for example without spectators. I just don't think you could do that on the streets in London even if it was just an elite makes. I'll be surprised if they ended up like that but we are not now so be interesting as the the wheat. So let's go just marathon or park run. That's every single gathering of people isn't it? Yeah I've reclosing every corner. We everything choirs churches. Everything that gets together you have to wait until therein. That's meant for for those to reopen again. Gas Bamford.

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