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Is a british man in the street and quickly explained. It was new york city and he said it was the same thing. But now i just watched the prem for fun it. What a lot a luxury that must be. Shed derived any joy from that fucking league and god. Damn i'm out instead of going in a circle here i'd like to. I'd like to follow up on that point. Do you think veron is going to acclimate immediately or do you think it's gonna take him a little while because you know that first year in the premise. Not good yeah. I'll start at jewelry. I wasn't sure if you talking. No juice anybody yes. Yeah it'll take a little bit of time but there to experience top centreback side definitely see them interacting pretty well like they got the they're not gonna be killing me and benicio going on vacation together on day one. But they'll be they'll be pretty good within a few months back four. Now you look at at this is everybody. obviously robertson ireland's into arnold van dyke gomez. Shaw wamba sokha mcguire and veron than city. Obviously i've stones diaz. I think city needs to upgrade somewhere. Probably left back to keep pace with this right now. If not mean. I mean fuck the gap between top three Next five is going to say. Compare those back line. I know like. I'm not even chelsea arsenal and liberal or ursuline todd specifically whole gap is the gap is increasing. Which being anything we care about it. Who's at the top. So i would. I would put him in the category of con man because he's seems to con his way into a football career when he far better suited to be a ufc fighter. I think the unanimous answer here at veron but is we can ask a different way. Sam do you think sancho gets to fifteen total goal involvements in the prem next year involve goals assess. Let's give him a little leeway. There fifteen no i don't think he does. I just think it. i don't think he does. I think he is going to take a year to sort of get get. What number. What number would you have to get you to have more of an impact Too but yeah. That's tough i just would. I just think. Brian can almost slot right in there. Any slotting in next to a guy that's you'd have to say is pretty world glass. This is a huge huge move for mason greenwood's development 'cause he's no longer gonna be stashed out on the right now he's gonna actually get to place vegetal nine minutes Jackson united hasn't had a right-winger little while now putting united in the contender category. At this point i mean they wake up contenders but yes now they are. They do since win. Since i mean what are you talking about since they have iran two hundred afternoon. Yeah yes. I will wake up tomorrow with as good of a chance to win the premier league. Is anybody else until harry. Kane moves wanna revisit buckle whole veron adapting to the premise thing. Because i know it's a big topic conversation on twitter. People have seemed to think that they play two different sports in lao. He's one of the best in the world. He's want to walk cup. I don't understand why people just now. I've never heard this for any other back to the degree. That veron has gotten it that he might have trouble adapting. That's an entirely different game. No it's not. The dude is one of the best centrebacks in the world. Is he gonna take a game or two to adapt to his teammates yet absolutely but to the play style. I haven't seen this much skepticism about a guys adaptability For for a long long time. And i don't know why it's just coming up now. Maybe people just need something to talk about. I think that Look at ruben diaz. He took about two games. Two games to slotted. He was immediately like class. I think it's probably be the same thing for. I think he's gonna go right. This is not. You're not like a nine. That's dependent on sort of being in the right place at the right time. Making the right runs and everything like it's not that you're the centreback you gotta center bag next to you him in maguire. You know they'll have preseason together. I think it's i think he's a slot right. Ar they are still one big piece away in. It's the fact that they're gonna still lineup. Mcph read on the first game of the year. So that's a huge issue. That is a very big issue And i don't. I don't know if they have any room in. I don't know financial. Fairplay is still thing at this point. It's never been a thing it's never been for city or pse. But is thing for everybody else. And i don't know if any other room flexibility title title title winning teams have a good six and story. That's true what about mcdonagh messy. You don't think he can make knicks mic. Fred cannot figure it out okay Other other things. I'll point out. I saw the memphis dupouy. His his transfer fee was i think. Twenty two million of course. There's some escalators. There twenty two million is actually quite a bit lot quite a bit less than what he got sold to manchester united backing twenty fifth. Twenty fifteen four which was thirty five million which is interesting given the way that I know that you know with inflation. It's gone up in the cove. Maybe it's going back down. I don't know exactly where we are on that he may. He may have some trouble with that thing. I'm a very big comfort. Guy a guy who needs to be exact right circumstances of drive so we'll see don't agree don't disagree with you there anything else. Let's see Any rumors rumors are there. Any deals out there that you guys have sort of seen him been like. I really want that to happen i want. Let's go outside tomato. Shut your mouth shut you. Ask me if there's any deals. I really want to happen. I figured it was clear that that was not within the bounds of discussion. Point out mike. L. point out it does seem like a levi's now spending cash which where they come from to that time i'll say that not good If you don't have any of the top of your. Here's one that i really want to it. I really want matthew happy to go anywhere. Get shocker Sad news jack. Wheelchair was released released born with three doing. What is your sad very sad. I was just wanted to give us a shout. We're all taking shots here. I'm going to get my Now i got a trivia question for you. now that iroquois lamelo was sold to sa- via means that the entire quote unquote magnificent seven from tottenham. That were bought with the bail. Money back in the day all seven are gone. So can you guys you. Three we got no tottenham fans here. Can you get all seven your rent. They kidding itself does with nine Saddam lamella ericsson. You help with us. Give me a second here. I know pausing but this is that you're never gonna get. I mean like it's just not give it vlad cure cash. you'll never..

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