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They know his children in their following the sangha and by his music, still people feel such an attachment to this man into his story. So think everyone feels they have a stake in the story, and they'd like to see a workout, Pamela Druckman, perish. Thanks so much. Thanks so much for talking to me, Scott. Johnny. You're listening to weekend edition from NPR news. A down the US border. Thousands in Mexico are waiting for their turn to request asylum from US officials in the Mexican city of floor is alone. Authorities say they're nearly five thousand migrants, long, wait times and fares about changing your policies of spur of migrants to choose to cross illegally last week one night over a thousand people were apprehended near El Paso, reporter, Lauren metal on bz enquiries recently report that cities become a destination for people fleeing conflicts and violence from all over the world. Most of the people hunkering down in this migrant shelter are from Honduras Guatemala, but Cubans and Venezuelans are also passing through as well as people from at least three African countries and Gola Uganda, and Cameroon everyone at this shelter is waiting for their turn to request asylum, at a US port of entry loans from Cameroon in central Africa. The good mystery believe me, an omega so of little fit this poem. Like other African migrants asked that his last name, not being used because he feared retribution against his family at home. He's waiting to have what's known as a credible. Fear interview with US authorities. It's the first step in the asylum process. Tom Ridge from Uganda says she's bracing herself for that interview is so painful, very painful. Let's why come to my story, the waiting process begins like this. When migrants seeking asylum arrive in Juarez they first give their names to Mexican authorities. They're given a number and put on a list, a list now, more than ten thousand names, long each day, US authorities tell Mexican officials how many people will be allowed off that list across the border for an initial hearing, El Paso. Masika from Uganda said before getting on that list. He into friends had tried to present themselves to US authorities as soon as they arrived, but they were sent back to go back and then wait for the time that we up to go inside some of the people in this group had flown from Nairobi Kenya to Brazil then headed north through Colombia and Central America on a journey that in some cases, took several months, it was a rough journey Masika claims. He was attacked by members of a street gang in Mexico City because of this kind of gung fins getting us because we are blocks. And then we don't today sponge kind of thing putting gone, so NAS shelter director one Fierro Garcia says the long wait time has created tension at the shelter tension, compounded. A few months ago when there was a threat to close the border completely. Splint fifty live. And he says that prompted some migrants to leave what is and cross illegally. Although Africans are now part of the migrant population here. Mexican officials say the vast majority are Cubans an analysis by the Cato Institute finds that citizens of Cuba are now among the top three nationalities making silent requests at US borders here in what is fifty two year old Louis Tamayo said he was a dissident in Cuba. He said, even if his application is rejected. He won't enter the US illegally for important, but the same tablet. Honest, people don't slip in the backyard or the window says they go legally through the front door. A few feet away, Michael from Uganda said he'd received his number on that list, two days before Tara thousand six hundred to one. Twelve thousand six hundred thirty one. That means at least a two month..

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