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That's what the FAA once but it says it's going to need a little something first before you can just fly your drone anytime you want to talk about it as we continue on the bill handle show KFI am six forty live everywhere in the I heart radio app ladies and gentlemen Monica Rick's with news the S. P. to Los Angeles Orange County live on the radio no trouble I'm Monica Rick's live from the K. five twenty four hour news room southern California's Christmas snow storm is left behind inches of snow in the high desert and several feet of it in the mountains page Taylor in Palmdale told NBC for the she made a pile of snow as tellers yourself and then is this in the snow because the major travel delays some drivers from right would were stranded in the cone pass for four and a half hours they finally open that up and so we're very excited and got all the way here and found out that the excitement was over mountain high ski resort and and right would reports I got three feet of new snow in just twenty four hours snow somebody Big Bear got a foot and a half health officials in LA county see people could get sick from taking a dip in the ocean sure it's far from beach weather but health officials say surfers and swimmers could wind up in the flow of all sorts of gone from the rain runoff a statement says storm drains and flood channels are sending bacteria chemicals debris trash and other hazards such as human waste into the ocean the department recommend staying away from any part of the beach where rain water flows in the ocean advisory is in effect until Sunday antrum on the back KFI news right to buy some likes energy camp Pendleton has been approved to get more than a hundred twenty eight million dollars for upgrades camp Pendleton says the money is vital to ensure the seventy thousand military and civilian personnel can continue to provide marines and sailors modern key services as well as access to the world's best training ranges the funding was recently approved by the president as part of this year's national defense authorization act the bill sets aside forty million dollars for state of the art communication and information center seventy two million for a mess hall and warehouse in eighteen million to replace an ambulatory care center and dental clinic in Orange County court in Carson Calif I need to stay gun laws for twenty twenty will raise the age to buy an assault rifle to twenty one and it would tighten restrictions on people with restraining orders or mental health issues get loaded gun store owner Terry McGuire says more laws won't stop mass shootings or gun violence only normal digit imei law abiding citizens care about the law so none of these gun laws are going to change anything other than enter a law abiding person glare says he plans offer free class to we're a gun buyers understand more than eight hundred of the state's gun laws supporters say the laws could help slow down the gun violence epidemic wallet hub has come up with a list of the best places to ring in the new year New York City top the list followed by Denver and Las Vegas A. B. C.'s Terry all bigger says Denver was a surprising choice analysts children's Alesis safety is one reason the mile high city made the cut a little bit more security when it comes to lower do you I related fatalities lower car theft rates celebrations are also cheaper in Denver LA ranks fifth on the list San Francisco with eight Sacramento in Anaheim came in at thirty three and thirty four some Star Wars fans have taken to Twitter to express their outrage over lack of screen time for a character fancy rose Tego played by Asian actress Kelly Marie Tran was only in the rights of sky Walker for a whopping seventy six seconds the whole film clocks in at two hours and twenty two minutes train was the first woman of color to be cast in a significant role in the franchise in twenty seventeens Star Wars the last chat I train and the film's director J. J. Abrams have not commented on the character screen time Star Wars the rise of sky Walker by the way has dominated the Christmas box office the movie had the second best Christmas hall of all time earning thirty two million dollars in one day the number one Christmas day box office total was forty nine million that was for Star Wars the force awakens in twenty fifteen the Tony and Grammy Award winning Broadway composer Jerry Herman has died he wants to Tony's one for hello Dolly and the other for at.

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