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And the kid that did the shooting had access to parent gun in the hey need to be responsible well and i'll tell you what will the school in that case should have been responsible too because they were aware that he had made some threads they kicked him out of school for a couple of days the day that he killed the one student and three to the hospital at freeman high school outside spoke can was his first day back had school after being expelled and i asked the local sheriff did do and who is a reasonable gyll a guy ozzie can as of age and i should did the schools call you sheriff to maybe go have a chat with the parents and that was exactly what i suggested to the sheriff not that i know more than he does but i said if the school who had called you and said we got a troubled kid he's made some threads would you ongoing and talking to his parents i should doesn't have to be the sheriff coming up at banging on the door uh you know and and and threatening he could just go and say look you your son's having a problem prominent school can you make sure that whatever firearms you have are locked up and then if his behavior really changes and he does anything abberant let us know and we'll be glad to help out i'll bet most parents would have reacted positively to that did the school called the sheriff no they didn't not at all and that's one of the problems is that we've got local government agencies like schools that do not do the sensible thing john i'm back um we wanted to get you to a cleaner line but you heard what i was just telling the young lady we had a school shooting a few hundred miles from where i am right now and the school didn't bother to call the local sheriff and say we've got a troubled kitties making strides would you mind going by and talking.

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