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Credit cards. Will all those numbers and names are floating around the Internet. And Ah, and there's other kinds of heists that occur that takes off the security numbers and I d numbers. And they sell them on the dark Web. This woman somehow figured out how to do this. She got all these identities and she applied a TD with them to get all these debit card sent to these addresses. And it doesn't say how she did it. But another instances, people saying people are showing up at their homes, their taken male out of their mailboxes or their course in them to hand over the male. If you ever get that that's a sure sign that someone used your address to steal money from the government. Right. Use your address and there might be a fake name on the address will show up and say, Hey, that's me. Right? Well, a former Governor candidate is coming on the show. John Cox, You may have heard the ads on Ko Phi with this idea to use high speed rail money to fight fires. He'll explain it when we come back John and Ken Ko Phi Debra Mark has governor Newsome says nearly 11,000. People in the state have been trained to work his contact racers to follow infections of covert 19 testing for testing sake. Is not in and of itself significant save the patient that can learn about their own health and health risk from a community spreading transmission perspective, he says. The state's virus infection rate is 2.6%. That's a 14 day positivity rate. The seven day positivity rate is consistent with the 14 Day positivity, right? He says 42 counties have moved out of the state's most restrictive purple tear. The news is brought to you by son Lux Energy Disney has announced it's reorganizing its entertainment.

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