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7, stay connected, stay informed. Good evening, it's 7 O 5, I'm Kelly Blair, and here's what's happening. A Seattle city council committee got a closer look today at what's driving the mayor's whopping proposal to extend the housing levy. Northwest news radio's John lobert he explains. Housing affordability and availability is at the center of this push. Make a Winkler chin office of housing. For every 2.6 jobs that were created between 2011 and 2019, only one home was built. Mayor Bruce Herald's plan would more than triple the housing levy to $970 million over 7 years. I know there is some sticker shock. Council member Alex Peterson. I want to make sure we're using the best available data because the proposal is to have a 100% of this funded by increasing property taxes. A city report suggests one third of all households are low income and close to 40% of the family budget goes to housing. Council member Lisa herbold on the decade ending in 2017. 92% of the 31,000 market rate apartments opened in Seattle during that decade were luxury units. The increase would push the levee from 260 to $390 a year on average and voters will likely see it on the November ballot. John libertini, northwest news radio. The city of anacortes is asking residents to raise taxes to pay for public safety details from northwest news radio's Jeff poggio. State law permits local governments to raise taxes by 1% without a vote, but city leaders say that just isn't enough. According to the skagit valley Herald proposition one would raise property taxes to a buck 34 per $1000 of assessed value. That money would fund 5 more police officers and 8 new firefighters at paramedics, city leaders say the additional staff is needed to handle an increasing number of calls, a special election is being held for the proposal and the results should be known on April 25th. Jeff pojo, northwest news radio. State lawmakers have passed a bill aimed at preventing harassment intimidation, bullying, discrimination in our schools. That's democratic state senator Lisa wellman, House Bill 1207 requires language about preventing such things in student handbooks, Republicans were opposed to the idea, but ejected to state requirements for points of contact and compliance, the bill now heads to the governor. A longtime law enforcement leader says his first experience inside a jury box left him with a new appreciation for the justice system. Northwestern's radio's Ryan Harris talked to him. Steve strand, the former King County sheriff and Bremerton and Kent police chief had to appear in court many times over the years, so he planned to be dismissed from jury duty right away, especially since the case was assault on a law enforcement officer. Instead, the now director of the Washington association of sheriffs and police chief says he found himself with a group of about 50 people who told the judge and lawyers why it would be hard for them to serve. There was a person who said they're not really worker. And if they don't work, they don't get paid, you know, a mom who said I would have trouble with day care. A person who was leading a really significant military project at the shipyard, they all made it very clear that they would serve if needed. And it was encouraging and heartening. Strand says what he did not see was the polarization over law enforcement we so often see on TV, but instead found a thoughtful conversation as the lawyers asked them their feelings about police, all of it, he says, reminding him why a jury of our peers was and still is a good idea. Ryan Harris, northwest news radio. New developments today in the case of an orca stolen from the waters off the puget sound more than 50 years ago at the Miami seaquarium. She's known as Lolita, but in her native Pacific Northwest, its token. For the indigenous tribes of the Pacific Northwest, she is called Scully shock Pinot. After decades of trying to gain her release Friends of toki finally succeeded last week, Charles vinick is with the whale sanctuary project. To begin discussions with

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