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Okay, they Woman on the aunt, Jemima package is actually named Nancy Gray and she was a civil right back events. and the money that Wager Haute. Made. Where support for causing. Wow all the money obviously. To make a profit since here's. God, it says here in the Voice of America story or name was Nancy Green. She was once enslaved. She was. This was the original woman apparently. According to story at least at Voice of America, she was once enslaved. She was hired to pose for the original photos and not the one that's currently on the package, but the original one and portray anti. If the original photo is the original photo that I saw that. That's just some. Old Tiny what I can't remember what the terminology they use to describe. The art in exaggerated art form. They're talking about an actual actress. who was photograph, so maybe I don't know which which we're talking about here, but but at one time they hired this woman. She was also hard to portray anti at fairs and other events, dressing her white apron and Kerchief to cook pancakes for visitors, so they really did have a woman sort of become this character. As part of this as she did, she did in fact. Get some money. She was paid basically. Money from the the sale of the. Broader. and she used to advance the cause of equal rights for black people. You know at the very. Long time ago, but mark you are erecting one thing I toast corn syrup, there's. Chores and I.

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