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Kinshasa the capital of Democratic Republic of Congo. Heavier. Thanks, always a pleasure. Thank you. It's morning edition from NPR news. I'm David green. And I'm Steve Inskeep. And you're listening to morning edition on KCRW ahead on morning edition trial is scheduled to start next month in California's lawsuit against the Trump administration plan to add citizenship question to the twenty twenty census as KCRW Steve. To your tickets reports. The case is moving closer to the courtroom. After a federal judge refused to throw out a challenge last week. It was the US Justice department and asked the judge to decide the case in its favor before trial. Now, the Trump administration has maintained that the question is needed to help enforce laws on voting rights, but documents show that it was the US commerce secretary, not the Justice department who had requested the question months earlier. Judge Richard seaboard ruled on Friday that the state had presented enough evidence to support its thirty to challenge the plan. And there was what he called a material dispute of fact over whether the question would affect the final population count. Now the state. In California says the question would discourage immigrants from participating resulting in an undercount and fewer people reporting that they live in California could cost the state federal funding. The pays for a whole lot of things. The last time. There was a citizenship question on the census form was nineteen fifty for KCRW. I'm Steve is a spokeswoman for the Justice department did not immediately have comment a trial in a separate lawsuit over the citizenship question in federal court in New York ended last month and a ruling is.

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