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Of a car into a house at that right now is about what I've got okay cool we'll stay on and obviously thanks read the read shepherd in the WGY newsroom Kelly more talk if you thought the discussion of should try to become a sanctuary city was over you're wrong first the three meetings this is a this is at the behest if you will are planning a by the Republican city council president Carmella man Tello last week the tri city council passed one of them was essentially a sanctuary city measure the mayor vetoed it and now she wants to go a step further she saying this thing could be resurrected maybe let's have a referendum let's S. city residents how they feel November yeah I think it is a way to gauge people's opinions on and I think it's fair to put a for about still nothing and I think having a series of meetings like I guess people opportunity to voice their opinions to hear so two people who spoke last night at a meeting in Lansing Berg pro and con I think people are concerned that if more people come here illegally it's going to diminish the services of our citizens to think about what ice is doing right now in communities with far more immigrants than try house I think it is literally the least that any of our communities can do to try to put a stop to that the program in what ever way they have available so there will be two more meetings the Democrats on the council they control the council therefore members they didn't show this thing last night and the Carmelo's asked about that are they hours because they don't want to come to the bird I don't know I can't speak on their behalf but you heard the people I mean we pay the city council were public servants yeah.

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