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Don't you just stare at yourself? If you're not a zoom meeting and you can see yourself. We'll right now just staring at you, my friend. Thank you bye I just mean that's the tendency that we all have. That is yeah. That is true. That is true I. I sat in on a book club last week and I found that I was looking myself the time. When that's what we what was the book? Here's my book. I was a guest a in a book club in Atlanta Georgia. They're reading Oh. Wow, social media and I was like yes. I do have the time to drop by meeting. That best, so maybe it myself because I, couldn't I? It was difficult for me to look at them in the face. Sure and it was. You were the star of the show. I mean. That's I love that because it's like gum. The sex in the city movie when Carey or the end of sex city carry is going to appear at a book club United Way, it doesn't matter. No, get high. Get all of it. How was asked myself it was it was it was lovely. It was really it was a lot of fun. It was a lot of fun. Bunch of fun Gals in, suburban Atlanta. Distant drink and Chardonnay. You, know some of them have teenage kids. Couple of those teenage kids have come out so that getting talk through that experience. was lovely. It was it was great. I am available for book. Clubs. Really is the message. I'd love to maybe get a snippet of that and play it as a segment or something you talking with the with clubbers had I only recorded but I do oh well. How are you? What's going on I'm good. We have a terrific episode this week. Oh my God the incomparable John Benjamin Hickey. I love this guy. I've been wanting to get him on the chauffeur. Years he is just a good dude, and so fascinating and recovering from cove. It at the time is Ripe Oak. That's right. We saw at the timely, little little earlier in quarantine and he's just. Such. A legend of East, Asian screen and endless stories and not afraid to spill the T. When did not afraid to reveal that he met Andy Cohen from a nine seven six line back in yeah, I appreciate that I am shame about that. I used to call those numbers my own self. You did what you had to do in nineteen, ninety-four. He's such a delight and I have been actually I've been str-. This is where I'm at during the day on my laptop. I'm binging the good wife. Season One late season one. And then at night Michael night together are watching the good fight, which is a spinoff set later in the future, so it's bid. These universes are colliding, but anyway timely John Benjamin does pop up in one or both shows and it's. Always loved to see him anyway. He's great he's. so this week. and. I've been meaning to check in with you and see how you're how you're recovering how you're processing. This was the week of Zach Ephron Dad Bud so house, right? How are you? It was so liberating just to see a real body represented on screen like that. You know, isn't that? Nice Yeah wrote that headline that this Zach Affronts Dad, but I need to see your bod, and I need to see your dad. Because I don't like that. He is so far out of orbit in both of those departments. Still Perfection And I have. Have you watched the show that there? This is about the disaster? I, mean the part of it. That was interesting to me I mean. I'm sure people know this, but we you know the. There is a before after picture out there and like New York Post. Headline About Zach F- Ron's quote unquote Dad Bod`ed, and of course his dad bought is still incredibly. Written. And muscular kind unattainable, just not as yes psychotically shredded as he was previously, but it is, it is, it is heartening to know that I. Think while filming this show Zaka. Franck got to Lake E carbs for the first time, and it was kind of a spiritual experience which incite of how to be for him yeah. yet. I haven't seen the show I will I. Am in my spare time. I am tearing through. Find Me. The. Call me by your name, which was given to me by you? It is absolutely terrific. I am I'm loving it I'm just it's it's. I'm so glad and I I will admit I have a habit and did not read it, but I just. Skipped ahead and I'd read some spoilers. I just wanted to know what happened with our guys. Okay, okay? I'm not I'm not all right. Okay, yeah it I. will say the the first three quarters. Take you in directions. You do not expect to go. But it's fantastic may and if you WANNA put a book club together around it. I'm down. speaking. Of Books Oh speaking of literature. We have been soliciting my first time slash. Flesh hunger stories. Just stories of you know. Our fumbling bumbling first, times. and someone set one in. That is not short now. I should remind listeners were were soliciting these things it's out. It sounds like we're collecting smut were not the is all about you know adolescence in uncertainty you can send in audio. You can send in text. You can do whatever you choose. DESCENDED INTO HOMOPHOBIA POD at G. MEAL DOT COM. That's right. Today's splash hunger story is a letter. It's a letter. Would Jump I. Will I'LL START I'll start, but I don't think it's. It's perhaps overwhelming to take on completely so I. Will I will I have skimmed at? Already can tell him in any the handed off to you okay I'm here for you, okay? Let's get into it. Hi, David Matt. I wanted to send in my first time. Slash Flesh, hunger, experience I do love that term so much by the way great soda, we. Despite being rather small conservative town, I came out in high school. Good on you. Being one becoming one of only two guys in the school who are openly gay after a very close call in which I nearly lost my virginity to a girl I realized that the relief I felt at her parents. Having come home was the answer I needed. In my long suffering. Am I gay debate. been there. like pretty much any American. School mind was stratified by cliques, typically claimed a specific territory as there's a learned early that befriending enough people in as many clicks as possible was a survival tactic that would allow me to get through my four years of high school, relatively unscathed tales. Tale as oldest time it also helped me ensure I always had the best scoops on the the school. Newspaper interesting is very naito to know. This is very andres argument. One morning I sat with some of my friends in a hallway that led from the cafeteria. Again will call Brad. Approaches US and nervously interrupts. He says hey. You're Mike Great. Can I talk to you privately? Matt, but you'd like to. I'll pick it up from there I thought it was strange, but I agreed and followed him outside to a remote area, hidden from view by a large PRA tube. Rinse in the wall. Don't would approach to prince is, but I can picture nego. What's up? I asked nervous about why he wanted so much privacy. I knew of him, but couldn't really say with any certainty that I knew him. Are You gay? He blurted out I was certain in that moment that I was going to get the shit beat out of me. He was easily much stronger than me. And we were outside of anyone who might end up passing by under pure coincidence, a nodded and brace myself instead of his fist. What can flying at my face was his lips. Pressed them to mind so fast. That I had no idea what to make of what was happening. I knew was that I had no idea how much one of those lips till they were touching my own by shock also left him an opening to French, so I ended up with his tongue in my mouth to French guessing not. The setup we were going to French class, but yeah, okay got it got it. Oh, okay, but I loved this. I wanted so much more, and I melted into every second of it I had never felt my heart thunder. The way it was doing in that moment there was no gravity. There was no school. There was no rough concrete, painfully pressing against my back and head out. There was only the line where our bodies pressed together. When the first bell rang, the kiss entered any gave me his number and asked me to call him after school. My friends waited on me to rejoin them and could see I was somewhat dazed. I only told them I'd have to explain everything later. It was the longest school day of my entire. Life Matthew. As it turns out. Brad lived walking distance from my house and he was a latchkey kid, and this meant that we often had to three unsupervised hours after school..

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