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Birthday shout out once it goes bad, you'll say there was a time. When we were friends Yeah Dramatic that. Way I. Know but it's like it's so. Twentieth so the mid August twentieth eighteen by the. Way if you could pay attention Rotan you would know that his name is. Cough Steen, cough. Berg, oh. Sorry I don't get to know these people's names like Vietnam you never know. When they're, going. To, go I, saw last I think you'd enjoy as you know my subscription to southern living magazine is. Always current and I don't know why. This. Is in southern living magazine bit of made me laugh. These things drive-thru employee's noticed in cars okay Things drive-thru employers notice Chicago. Drive through a rare Australian bird and a woman's car. Whereas making a. Lot of noise she's kept having to. Roll, the windows up, quickly after she ordered so it wouldn't, get out after a little bit of research was, found out there only three of the birds left in the world watches oh my God. She's taking it through a drive through. Yeah Yeah a, guy holding a. Pillow with nNcholas cage is face on. It Is my fish sandwich done A guy with a big bag of weed in the passenger seat like a. Sandwich, bags stuffed to capacity oh don't don't. You figure that that's correct Yeah. Sure, I'd say. Your bonus with more fries That's, when every fifteen minutes of the rock Ron McDonald's here's one his wife full. On, naked. On the other side of the car Yeah Check Good. Point good. Point frigging put nicely Wife It's. Okay Here I thought you meant the fast food. Workers, wife, oh hey you've. Got south Orient someone, had, a cow in the front seat I would? Ask how big the frigging car Eric or do you know, how long it takes sometimes it gets through the drive through I would have to? But, if you have. A, calendar front-seat why in the. Drive. Through just cook it oh I'm an. Angry oh I see what you're saying seven I work at a fried. Chicken place drive-thru constantly amazed at the number of people. Have. Other bags of food one guy had a pizza. And, a, bag of McDonald's Hungry Somebody had a parrot on the shoulder and wasn't wearing pants Tells me that sounds like a theme party Everybody has stuff possum somebody had at least thirty different. Lamps in their car all, so many lamps but. This? Is remember Steve this is southern living right Yes. You, expected, possum cause. Some they got killed their dad ally in. There they're are still good eating you gotta remember there's no question and two others one this obviously a, crime he ordered ten bags, of ice from us. And yet what look like thirty or forty more bags. Of ice in his. Van having you're covering up, if you murders that way A mannequin in the front seat and to blow up dolls in the backseat maybe just trying to use, the the carpooling are full That's what I wanted to share with you row I saw that and. I thought of you thank you, very much thank you The rodeo. Part especially I guess if I know he. Really loves that how. Are you I thank you. For. Asking Steve I'm, very, well glad I'm glad I'm glad somebody cares how. I'm doing yeah Yeah nothing's, are today we are starting at. Three. O'clock on the stream it must be noted that Bill Wendy. Of course at noon pioneers this streaming pioneers absolutely and then you've got John, Williams at at two o'clock clock I should. Say eastern because I do everything and networks don't worry about then and, then we come up at three o'clock and then. When the White Sox game in somewhere in the. Three hour we anticipate will be back on with, seven twenty the. Promo. Today has stirred our fancy in here STAN mine. Was Hey Jason hold. On. One second How, you doing okay now Okay Okay go ahead and, say Anna, says Dave Navarro from the Smith from the red hot chili peppers coming, up which I'm, like, oh. Cool but I'm like Dave Navarro's known probably more for his work Jane's. Addiction Sure you run it but He's played with, the red hot chili peppers but he's probably more. Notably known for. His work. People run crazy come on. Let me tell you something I thought it was Dave Navarro the. Former FOX thirty two anchors? So, what. Did. I know right,.

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