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Like my iPhone like about the Amazon headquarters were people work? Like that doesn't affect me. So, yeah, they probably already do that. There. Don't know I'm sure they dio. I mean, essentially, they're going to be ableto hack this and I don't really like it. I'm more on Kenny side. I'm kind of in the middle. You know they're going to be able to duplicate my My Hand Prenton. Oh, yeah. Kenny, you don't like this deal. How do you like working with 33 Amish people? How you feeling about that, Jason? It's really 2.5. Because McClane really is way more. Yeah. I mean, you two are you're both in Walnut Grove. Happily, but I'll do it. I'll do it. But I was like, Let's just Yeah. Yeah, She's not working in the pharmacy in Walnut Grove little are you know you're in the school house with Miss Beetle. You know, I I just really hope that this is that. There's so many people that get left out because of accessibility. Tio. I even feel this way about smart phones. You know, some things you just can't do unless you have a smartphone. Yeah, I think about Disney as an example when you're getting the fast passes and Making sure if you got a flip phone if you've got a Nokia, you're out. You're waiting in line for four hours. You know? No. Yes, it no. There are hard fast passes if we're going to use that example. But it is more. It is less convenient right on that Lex. It's far less convenient into and to ride the cool. Galaxies s rides. You definitely wouldn't get a smartphone You have because you get into the park in log on and get get your place in line there early in the morning. So let's you're right. Your 1999 flip phone. Yeah, that you're flipping. Right? You're you're.

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