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You got to start winning games where you feel you can wear them and believe you can wear them and particularly down the stretch and this past Sunday will start to that Broncos head coach Vic Fangio hoping is guys can take their first win of the season and roll it into number two on Sunday they're coming off a road win against the Chargers as they prepare to face the Tennessee Titans on Sunday in Denver right now we're talking live with our brokers insider Brenda Crist all Brandon sponsored by Coloradans for spots will energy development get the facts on help oil and gas is benefiting Colorado and all Coloradans six red dot org that is C. R. ET dot org Brandon okay so we're looking at the Tennessee Titans and I kind of picture them in the same realm a little bit today as a as a Jacksonville maybe not as good on my right now perspective well they lost Jacksonville yeah I guess you know simple math there and they're in a lot of ways similar to the Broncos I don't see mere image but they have some similarities have a strong defense their offense feels limited a quarterback they can make some plays and doesn't turn the ball over and Joe Flacco that more turnover certainly than anybody would like a specialist couple fumbles but they don't take a lot of chances and so that's part of the reason I don't turn the ball over that's how they can lose a game fourteen to seven at home to the bills so how does Denver match up against them especially at home we've got to do well right yeah I think it here's what you're worried about even the receivers involved because they have a really really good secondary led by Malcolm Butler and then you also door about Derrick Henry who's as big as anybody on defense just about Eiji Johnson's big linebacker Alexander Johnson at six three two forty five Derrick Henry is also six three two forty five is the biggest tail back in the league so you got to worry about that and then can you run on them but I think the the Broncos will get creative on offense so I like the chances to to do a little bit but it's not going to be a high scoring affair so be settle this for us because Vic Fangio again this week said von Miller can play better is there anything going on there between coach and von Miller and is the second part to this is this a way of coach trying to motivate von do you think I think that's what it is but it's been like this since the beginning and talk about this a little bit with judge on big al yesterday afternoon he comes in and in his introductory press conference Mike and I remember we were all there how strange it was that he says Khalil Mack is great and von Miller can be great and one's been to seven pro bowls in an all pro and Superbowl MVP in one of the fastest now two hundred sacks of predictable other two and it does feel like it is a way to try to motivate about von doesn't need the motivation he wants to catch impasse Bruce Smith for the all time sack mark which is two hundred now is it a hundred so is a hundred away so he's motivated plenty the idea that they can get more out of them it is exciting and Vaughan was asked about his relationship with Vic and he says it makes honest with him in anything he says in the media a certainly says the volleys out like speaking through the media to try to get them on but is it it is odd that he said that a month now the day before camp started in the media a barbecue he said look bonds a great player but I think you can be even greater something to that effect and that he said it towards him again so it's not just constantly throwing von under the bus it does feel like a it's a way to motivate my some of it's working or not you're an insider not an odds maker but what do you think the think the Broncos get it done this weekend I do think they get it done this weekend and you got to keep an eye on that she's Texans game because the Texans are gonna continue to put up points and they're gonna come after the chiefs and he's a really banged up the Broncos if everything falls in line to get a bank that chief steam coming in on Thursday night you know the crowd will be Jack they play the cheap stuff last year twice they could have three wins a matter ten eleven days and everyone around here Broncos country feel a lot better yes what a relief and this weekend if you're actually going to games seventy two degrees and it's fair to Kenya weekend for the NFL's one hundred so champ Bailey Pat Bowlen both get honored and show up early because the Broncos top one hundred team all time Peyton manning's the world Janet sharp is back in town I think he's actually doing is foxsports show from here today and so forty or fifty Broncos grades are gonna be honored on the field recognized on the field right around two to twenty five kickoff but they will be out there early so you'll have a chance to hopefully see some of your favorite players of all time he's our brokers insider Brenda crystal thank you brand coming up in just mere moments get you caught up in that wild fire actually to LA proper the fire burning in southern California that in just a moment.

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