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All your dry cleaning and take it to zips today Common news times 7 11 silence In the apartment Later in the day doctor barrel bomb left the apartment Showed up in New Jersey But the birthday party For his nephew we were telling people that y'all had left the apartment in a hug My mother says do you know where Gayle is They had to fight this morning and Gail never came home My heart went into my rogue On one day July 8th 1985 Robert baron Brown came into the priest and to report his wife Gale missing just weeks after his wife Gayle vanishes in New York City Robert beer and bomb starts spending time out on Long Island He was seen partying in a Hampton But the next chapter in the beer and bomb saga the startling new life and transformation This new doctor in town that you know had all the tricks up his sleeve Waves of story started coming in from New York Little gossipy ways of the missing wife Did you wonder who the heck was I dating all this time Many times Many times Investigators make a shocking discovery at a New Jersey airfield The flight records Oh my God he flew for two hours The day his wife disappeared And the fact that it isn't tell anybody This was a bombshell discovery It was it turned things upside down I get a phone call They've arrested Robert Bjorn baum for the murder of Gail cats And I might screaming guilty verdict that gets plastic surgeon Robert Barrett Since 2000 bob baron bound has been behind bars serving that sentence of 20 to life insisting he was innocent Just last December baron baum was up for parole 2020 obtained this transcript of that parole hearing and in it is a shocking revelation For the first time in 35 years bearing bomb finally admits to killing Gale The earth shifted I was in shock Wow John King and I was looking forward to that full report tonight on 2020 And now to one of the biggest movies of the year dune The film starring Jason Momoa has already made nearly a $130 million at the international box office and is now showing in theaters here And our Maggie ruley was given the greatest assignment to run around London for an hour with Jason Momoa himself Jason Jason Momoa Maggie ruley Oh my God.

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