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Coordinator, Dallas Cowboys, Jason Witten discussed on Sports Media with Richard Deitsch


I he absolutely can be the nfl broad okay so why what what what what happened in everything yeah go ahead so first of all you look for the ability to have football iq but be able to bring it across to the fans make it digestible and do it quickly he naturally has that as a lot of guys have this but the ability to pre snap based on formation based on when roman east on everything see no it and be able to tell you expect this look for this this could happen sc gives you something to foreshadow give you something to look for both offense and defensively typically you get that out of a air you dight former coordinator who becomes a head coach or a masterful longtime quarterback you don't usually get that out of a position player because they're just concentrated and staying there lane right a tight end who's playing league for fifteen years who has made eleven pro bowls who's a first ballot hall famer who you start to realize more you dig it on jason witten you know who really was running the dallas cowboys the last fifteen years you know who was really the glue the captain and it was jason witten so on so a lot of things i told you about louis riddick a lot of the things i told you about rex ryan a lot of things i could tell you about kurt warner are all rolled up into one jason win the incredible perspective to see it all know it'll he seasonal nosal offense defensively gay management game strategy head coaching strategy big picture roster management fifteen years with the dallas cowboys in that fishbowl.

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Coordinator, Dallas Cowboys, Jason Witten discussed on Sports Media with Richard Deitsch

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