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Work. Yeah. That'll do it. Anything else? I didn't have any rumors now. All right, then. Trivia. Trivia. How many women? That competed in last year's Royal Rumble. Have appeared on television on raw or SmackDown in the last 30 days. Or slash recently. But specifically in the last three days, so they competed in last year's rumble and they had to have been on TV in the last 30 days. Yeah. How many women? Is this a work together? Is this a once again? Work together. Okay. So let's see. Rearrangement list was in it. Yeah. She was just on raw. Rear Ripley. Yeah. Two. That's it. That's it. That's not gonna be many, because so many got let go. Right. Was Beth Phoenix and I don't think she was this last one. I think Bianca Belair. Yeah. Color. Sasha was on, or did she not? Was she in the rumble or did she defend the title? I think she defended the title, right? Yeah, yeah, so she wasn't in the rumble. She was champ. Carmella was in it. She was. Was she? Probably. Or was she like becoming Carolina? Oh, shit, that's right. Naomi? I think Naomi returned at the rumble. I think so. I'll help you. Come on, isn't it? Okay. There's 5. 5. I don't know, 8? Let's just go 8. I don't wanna keep doing those. Let's go. Let's go. 9. That's ten. Second, I win. And only 17 are still employed with the company currently employed with the company. You know who else it was? Yeah, let me give you this stuff. So this is appeared on television. So Bailey was number one, but she hasn't been on television a month. Okay. Naomi, Bianca. Not until television on television. What about chassis? Live Morgan? Rhea Ripley, Charlotte Flair. Dana Brooke. Yeah. Nikki cross. Carmella, Tamina. Alexa Bliss. That's it. What about shotzi? Well, I don't TV in the last month. Yeah. Yeah. One time, maybe one time. Shotzi was in it. That would be 11 if you count her. Yeah? Yeah. Wow. And the rest are like a bunch of them are just released, right? They're gone. Just released. 8 of them are released 5 of them were like legends. Yeah. And whatever. And then there's some people like Shayna who we haven't seen in a while. Like I said, Bailey. So yeah, Tony storm. Crazy. Tony storm is there, yep. Well, he was on that last 30 days, too, right? Well, yeah, I guess, but she's gone. Yeah. All right, fan questions. Justin Stewart, with how shit raw has been, does it make you miss the days of no crowd and zelina Vega running the show? No. No? Yeah, no. No. It's still better than that. I mean, yeah, zelina Vega was like the star of that show, but it's still awkward, cutting a promo in front of nobody and wrestling in front of nobody. Definitely not. Kyle foxton, if, and that's a big if, the rumors are true of Jericho being loaned to WWE for the rumble. Does he come out to Judas and what would AW get in this deal? There's a rumor that he'd become an out for that, really? That's what we just talked about in rumors. Oh, sorry. He's looking at us confirming my trivia. I don't think he comes out to Judas. I think you would come out to break the walls down for sure. He was. You would have to. I don't even know if they'd have the rights and all that and if they pay him or something, you know? He'd probably lucky probably let them do it. There's no way WWE would want to give him that kind of support. Just come out to break the walls down. And AW, what is a W get in this exposure? Do they need it? Yeah. Okay. All right. You know, cross promotion is good for everyone. Yeah. And again, there's really no competition anymore. NXT is not competing with AW anymore. They're not competing at all, Vince is finally realized, you know, it doesn't really matter. Yeah. Bobby, the march soy M so when do I get to school you guys in trivia? I was screaming answers out at work when listening. I guess he watched our KJ's quiz on Patreon. Everyone else go check that out. Yeah. You know, hindsight is 2020, my friend. So it's a lot easier when you're not put on the spot. There's no pressure. Am I right guys? Correct. Am I right? Yeah. Yeah, it was all because of the pressure, not because we just didn't know stuff. We got a lot of pressure. Haven't you ever heard that song under pressure? Under pressure? Do you guys think MJF has a chance at winning the rumble? The crossover door has been smashed now, apparently. Oh, and I don't know about that. Yeah. I don't think he's going to be there. John lynch, who wins both rumbles this year in your opinion and why? Yeah, it's not Seth Rollins anymore. Probably not, I guess it's still could be, but maybe I don't think so. Still hoping for live, right? Yeah. And I mean, let's go hoping. Probably Charlotte. Oh, God. I got summer Rae. If I had a picture I think it's her time. Yeah, yeah. Or you can touch but you can't touch. Yeah. And I mean, Brie Bella. The worst song ever. It is. Ben hollingsworth, who's your picks for possible outside talent to enter the men's rumble from another company? Will the results be buckets of come or buckets of shit? Wow, definitely shit. I'm gonna stay, I'm gonna still say Jericho, 'cause that'll just be Vince's way of being like, see? Jericho's still a WWE guy. You know? If they're gonna bring in the impact women's champion, why not bring in the impact men's champion moose? Who are you? That's Eric. What's your favorite moose match? Exactly. You've never watched it. But I know who he is. I think you're gonna say like the AW women's champion like Britt baker. That would be something great. It was. Yeah, there's enough stupid dude. We're like hangman page in the rumble, you know? They just like, well, use two guys. I've gotten mine. Chris Jericho and Daniel Bryan. And he re starts his feud with Roman Reigns. Right. I'm back mother. No. The Vince. Miss. Jason Deir am I just can't believe we never got team RK bro versus team RKO Rollins and Kevin Owens. Could have been a good feud for the rumble pay per view while feeding someone else to reigns. That would have been front funny if they call themselves team RKO that would have a dig to Orton. The hilarious. Yep. And then he says, PS, I haven't seen Alexa Bliss's return yet. Can't wait to see her new character dot dot dot. I'm afraid I've got some bad news. Yeah, right? Yeah. Same shit. Louis Torres push fire berry, crash, Holly, test grandmaster sexy. I think this is the third year in a row he's asked this question, but he does it on purpose. Because we have different answers. This is sparked like a debate. I remember getting upset 'cause I said push crash Ali. And he's the worst one. I thought that test was good. You fired fire grandmaster. What? You push the test and bury crash Ali. No, no. You fire crash Holly. You push grandmaster sexay. He was the most over out of any of them. Oh, look, a black Carrie. Black cat just walked by. We've done this the third time now. Yeah. Test had no mic skills at all. That's like your number one thing for who's that man had the balls to call his fans testicles..

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