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For, joining us what for In your? Memory, Bank when you think? Of. Those two what do. You think I mean there are two different guys, in two, different dynamics to the two and when. You look, at Chipper Jones you know I call Chipper Jones a smooth, operator you know, he's one of those guys that was just kind, of cool calm and collective and, he pretty much just He had no fear. And no worries in the world when, he was, out in the field and in the. Clubhouse and, he was one of those guys that just enjoy playing with, and Jim Thome, as we always call him The big comb dome you know he was basically one of the, one of the biggest guys didn't know how strong you was or how good he was in, playing with Cleveland and again but Jimmy he was just one. Of those guys that just he just didn't know how good he was, and we, saw it on a? Daily basis, how he had a good eye at the plate and you just had the strength that was just unbelievable Kenny when when people argue whether that chemistry makes a difference in the, clubhouse I mean can you talk about I mean is there a nicer guy in baseball than Jim Thome e Oh no it's it's awesome he's just again he just He just you. Know again like you said he wanted a nice guy he's just he's one of those guys are just just to be happy on your. Just to be on this earth and some people happy just having this, having this kind of money having this kind of car Jimmy was just. Happy waking up in the. Morning going to the ballpark that's just how you are what? Do. You think is his biggest contribution to the game pardon what? Do, you, think is his. Biggest contribution to, the game Oh Phillies biggest contribution I guess from my standpoint is just He was just this normal guy, just, is great all around guy under. Spirit like like Todd say he just wanted the nicest guy I think he. Just he brought to the game that people have to understand you can be, a nice guy in this, game and go a long way say. Nice guy last though told me that guy finished first guy can you get off baseball for a second and. Ask you a question, and this is my own. Personal benefit there's a small. Story but in nineteen ninety eight I'm with the, Minnesota Twins, we go into Cleveland to play. All you guys you know big powerhouse. Team, after the game. We go to a Janet Jackson concert The. Velvet rope tour and nobody. Knew I don't know if you knew but Janet, Jackson calls, Kenny Lofton onstage. And I don't, even know if you remember the song Love, song tell, you I mean come, on, remembers tell me about that now come on man dance Everyone knew that I was still, am agenda Jackson fan so I just got word because again Janet, and when Jenner was in town the guys got bought posters and stuck them. All in my locker and it was pretty crazy and they knew how much a fan I. Wasn't I guess it got to the manager and the people they ended up getting getting. Enough tickets I guess, the tickets were, in nice area and somehow I got caught up on stage so a memory again. Like you, said I will. Never forget and she sits down and he's, dancing Oh my goodness Thinking as. UCLA, has happened Well I'm a phone stage and you got. Janet Jackson had the time she was the. Hottest thing. On the planet oh yeah so you got the hottest thing on the planet dancing all. Over you with the little it, was called, the velvet rope lap dance and she kinda tried me to the chair and Oh Oh Hi to. Janet Let me down again and. And it happened For your, next thirty or you, went thirty. For thirty which one wasn't oh actually nine. You have one of my best year rolling All the time On the shell. Pennzoil performance line the baseball hall of fame special ESPN radio and, the ESPN, app Nicole Briscoe Todd Walker with. You can eat there are few people who have, been more outspoken I think about the steroid era and its impact on. Baseball, than you I I want you to hear something and then I wanna get your. Reaction to this this was Chipper Jones earlier this week on. The Dan lebatardshow I have no problem whatsoever Saying the very best baseball player I've ever seen donning uniform I have no. Problem with that I think he's a hall of Famer whether. There's a cloud of suspicion Or not part of me Says that if he gets into this class He's going to be the focus of the rest of us, are going to be forgotten. About Kenny Lofton your thoughts in a second we want to hear your thoughts to treat us. At the one eight hundred. Flowers dot com Twitter feed at? ESPN. Radio what, is your reaction to that wow I mean I thought, I knew a, little bit better than that but for me knowing the game. Playing the game and being, around that game and I just, for me I've always been outspoken about it and it just Irks me really bad when guys talk about performance Drugs 'cause, I know I played the game the right way and I kinda got off the hall, of fame ballot because guys using performance enhancing. Drugs, and then, you got people like Alex Rodriguez yeah Alex Rodriguez they're. Praising him on ESPN about the, game of baseball you cheated the game of, baseball but. You being. Praised on Sunday night baseball FOX TV, I don't I can't even watch it because again I just can't praise a guy who cheated the game that I love so passionately and did I put my heart and soul into the game to get their watch guys who cheered and. I'm playing against guys who cheated competed against guys you also have to compare it your compared to those guys that irks me just the most that I'm looking at. My numbers and. Compare my numbers to steroid guys that's not cool so let me ask Of of both you guys, with your many many years in the game of baseball the baseball hall of fame special as we're talking about one of the things that you can't avoid anymore when it comes to the hall of fame and the impact that steroids has. Has had on who gets in who does not when you're in the game of baseball and people around you are taking steroids can how hard is it to say. No even though. You see the impact Again because I know, who I am as a person and. A as an individual I'm not a cheer and understand that so some people don't you know you feel. Like you get an advantage now but again you know you you got to use felt like you had to, cheat to be on top of the game I felt like I was on top of game without cheating and you see it around? You, but for me I never actually So, it but I heard about it but again. I couldn't, say nothing about, anyone because I didn't know nothing I didn't see nothing but again the guy I talked about. All the time that put his put his his name out there for that cause of it. With Jose he, told the truth What was. Going on and if you. Think about, it no one that he called out has sued him or. Even called him out. In the, media went to him and say I want you to say you slander my name no not one person has done that because he. Was telling the truth What about you what do you think How hard well. I'm, in the, same boat as Kenny. Like you know Kenny was a speech he could flat out run, yet hit a command of the zone. And he just used the entire field I played second base. And so I, hit ten home. Runs that was okay twenty years ago, let's say more like thirty years ago but I got swallowed up by guys starting to hit twenty home runs twenty five. Thirty home runs playing up the middle and when you, get swallowed, up with guys like that you. Know you become a dime a, dozen and so we can't. Just said is similar to, my situation you lose money that way. You lose, all kinds of other stuff in fact I'd almost say that my. Career was cut short, because of that and so. You know I'm not, a cheater either I never took them but I think people have this misconceived notion that that it was stone out in the locker room like a birthday. Cake at a kids party like everybody, I never saw anybody do it. Either and it wasn't readily available Nicole you, and I talked about this. Off air but it wasn't readily available so it wasn't a deal where you could just go around. And do it if you wanted to but in that and I and sometimes I thank God for that. Because I didn't? Even have that temptation I. Always was good enough when I got to, the big leagues so I. Just stuck with that Kenny we appreciate your time and your honesty and your candor for joining us. On his baseball hall of fame special on ESPN radio we've opened up a can of worms Todd Walker We're going to keep that can of worms open because, one of the inductees has talked about. This rather honestly as well why it was something his dad would have said to him if you chosen the other road why. It kept him cleaned find out what it is Your, radio your computer your phone Your smart, speaker to, play yes ESPN?.

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