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I have a quiet and questions that are kind of including me right now cata sounds challenging let's go apparently i have in dark cat and i ask you a lot of yet now and then cat racket and i decided that under the wreckage herro and my backyard and now referred quite an air i told that one of them lady xiv positive and now he has turned into a little luck anyone and an an and up to me and rubbed and practically lickliter out so i'm guessing she why somebody pat and kind of reverted to a herald mind bad and now that he's had a piper fellow than critical thinker virtue going back to being prominent what i opened the door he tries to run in and as she knows what's good man she's on her way and so where it would would it be a bad idea of how ladder can an air fares and a high be positive that and the other key thought there on their that i think i remember i think i heard that if they had had an an that hanging four f5 e l got there have come up positive that i am not sure about that yeah and that kind of comes to like why we have the suspicion of f iv which is also really known as feline immunodeficiency virus hudson which are kind of like the hiv virus in humans so f iv and cats yes we can get some false positives basically from a cat has previously been vaccinated if we do get a a positive test there are some confirming tests we can do to kind of reassure us so i guess the big thing is you know what's the risk with bringing this kitty into the home well for f ivy it's typically spread through bite wounds between cats are cathay live outdoors can have.

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