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Welcome Keith and the girl I'm Keith Malley Hamda. SILENT TRAILERS BE PART OF IT June sixth. That is this Saturday in Canada. I am very very excited me to. We have some contestants that are of course professionals, and we also have contests that are from a listener, grew the fans, and we just did a Mike check the a little run of silent trailers with them yesterday. And you know it feels a little weird like hey, let's go have some fun together. I know there's a lot of chaos going, but I think we all appreciated a break from the noise. It's kind of like why play poker for a minute while you watch a movie. It was so much fun. Yeah, you're right. I I, I know I I need a little break here, too, and what's so fun about silent trailers? In case you don't know, it's Kinda. Who doesn't know movies? It's almost like sort of filed fireable. Doesn't. Loving ticket for that just if we're on the record, if anyone knows of its or wants to give me a certificate, I am happy to post that on my wall. She is I promise you the most clueless movie woman of all time. It'd be person movie person. OUT OF OUT OF EVERYBODY, yeah! Oh, we counted. Knows the least and she describes a movie trailer without knowing what he's really saying in the NAS the normies. We have to guess what that movie is. Can the just saw odd net flicks? Uncut Gems New Adam Sandler movie where he's playing a series character, he only says about he's GonNa come in his pants I think four times totally different Adam Sandler than as you know him, but and I got so excited as like looking me cutting edge. This just got on Netflix's just out. Out I might even be beating keys to this I asked him if he saw it I was like. Hey, I'm on top of it I mean if you talk about Adam. Sandler that's like you know. He makes new movie like every five minutes so I'm like in the latest five minutes, and then I was told that not only did keep it. He said in the movie theater. Who knew that I did because we talked about it? Apparently, on Mike on a show Mike Sherman with. Mike Shulman happens to be one of the people, but I talked about it kind of detail. This is the one where my girlfriend. She blames her messing, but as the movie woman over, she said out loud in the theater. This is the dumbest Shit I've ever seen now. Does it offend you less when I go? Yeah, okay? That sounds familiar but I. I can't attach the movie name to the story. So once you start telling me the story and the thing is is Keith his basically? I'm going this uncut gemstone right and he goes. Yeah, remember I said this on the show and I go while I should re listen to your reviews after. I see the movie or the show because you're funny. Thank you now any narrowly talking about. That's the one where Kevin Garnett the basketball player Mike. Sherman was like how is he in the movie and I'm like good. He's like well like how what this basketball player to what? He? He ended the buy diamonds and I believed him. I believe he ruining on a counter and I believed him. When we're not give time back in time to Adam Sandler I leave that. What I tell you then. Defending the basketball players acting as if I set a fucking thing negative then starts defending. Adam Sandler say. Maybe it's the best work he's never done. Which is fine, but you know that that wouldn't even be Robert. Redford Shitty Day and the next thing you know. She's defending the movie she hated. Listen I am not a black and white person I have. There's a lot of facets to my reviews, so yes, I think it is the best thing that Adam Sandler has done in that. It looked good enough for me to watch everything else like that's probably shit, so he didn't play his usual overly look, do character that was lovely and it was a surprise. I think you still kind of did a little bit. He Still Adam Sandler. His face still moves the same way, so the same sounds come out like he's still gonNa make the same faces, but it was a little bit less than his goofy goofy characters, but he's still like schmucky character, so it's GonNa come out, but that being said I was I was in I was in all the way, the I like twenty minutes. As what is this movie? They have me. Stuff is going to happen, but where's IT GONNA go you keep thinking. Something's going to happen and you're like. No just normal shade happens. Happens, they got me. This is great, and then it's like okay. This is like groundhog's Day, but you're not calling you groundhog's Day. You just calling it. Hey should is about to happen in the dozen. And then the biggest shit happens at the end I don't want to say and then, and then like, but the more I think about it in the more talk about it with Cirque sees the less angry I am in the more like it was a good movie like that Israel, life slice of life. I kinda like it, and I wasn't pressed with the basketball player, but it is a good point. What you're saying and I have to admit both perspectives are really fun to hear your review before when I don't know anything about it I remember I still laughed because it was still funny, because I still understood what the story could be, but now that I sai-. Man I recommend this to anybody. Follow Keith what he's going to tell you what movies he sees. He's always like but about to watch. Here comes the movie review for this that in the next. Don't watch that movie here. His Review. Try to forget it then. Go back to the review. Enjoy yourself all over again like it's your first time. I I'm going to ask you in a month from now. If you like this movie that's so fun. Will you know like right now? You? You would say no now right, but you don't know what you're gonNA think a month. Yeah, I don't remember the determine uncut gems. Like what is that a circumcision movie? What's happening? Did you watch the movie theater Keith you went outside? What the Hell Yeah. My Life is fun. And there's not an D- when. You see a movie that you feel waste your time. You get extra angry because this.

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