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Time investing into this big study me to show something completely different. And then i ask myself what do i have to do. And then it in doubt me when he was on mount everest and i lost myself into wideout in my shorts at twenty thousand feet and i was walking over there. I know paranoia. When i lost the way under the is brad wall and i could not find to haul. I had no agony of age. There was no drowning. No panicking going on every time when i went into my challenges is before i go into a judge appease my mind by the power of my intention my intention fields. What is going to happen. Then the body gets ready and when dan ghosts to happen. It's done it's ready and it goes with a feeling intentional gut feeling and right there. I got those images of all these challenge. Just the way i always was. And that's an doubt and directly. I knew but i'm going to make the change. I don't know how it's going to happen because my subconscious knows what is gold to happen. Much better than me consciously. Because i have to do and show something that has never been shown and i had this book for the rest was tranquil. Nice whistling look at that were look and then they brought me into the brain scan hours later. I was in sight. I never felt the cold. And what's no call because me by the power of my intention my body knew exactly how to deal with the stressor when i want to ask you a question. So for those of us listening who have an illness. Okay who have something that we are trying to fix. Maybe it is eyesight. Maybe we have a rational skin. Maybe we are having a cold or a flu. Something simple hell would you accept. How would you heal it. yes in two thousand fourteen. We already showed within a comparative study. People being injected with an e. coli bacteria which normally makes people very very sick and brains. The inflammation activates. The inflammation really high. It's ultra the big problem with covert nine thousand nine. It's inflammation they did not know that humans were able to bring the inflammation down. That was the signs up to them. And then i show through these breathing techniques that all the people. I thought this is after sixteen thousand people who became sake with the same injection of bacteria e coli area twelve. I trained hundred percent not sick. Also injected with the bacteria hundred percent score hundred and that changed medical books. Fundamentally showing that we as humans able consciously to down inflammation and inflammation actually is the cause and effect of every disease. This something we can try something we can try today. Oh yes. I did this with a person who could not do one who shot. Why not because. He was suffering from sippy at and i told the guy. Listen you follow this breathing. We do this thirty times in front of fifty people. I got him out. He said no spadeful. I cannot this is too painful. I cannot do this and i sat. You are going to do pushups forty times and even without breathing and daddy said are you crazy. Yeah i'm crazy about live. Emma wife but i got the science to back this up how to influence the performance. How to bring down inflammation like in half a minute in our minutes. We are able to bring down inflammation and about say infractions. Anywhere in the body. You are able if you're prep your body with this breathing. Dan inhaling older bring the cerebrospinal fluid to your hat. Squeeze it and bring it to you. I bring you to addie placing your body and bring down the infraction. Yes in fifty seconds. I want to invite everybody to push ups on the inhale on the nfl stop. Let me explain the context of this. Okay so. I interviewed him in barcelona in twenty seventeen three years ago and back then. I did pushups every morning. So i knew what i could do. What was my standard number of push ups. I think i could do like thirty thirty. Two so wimsatt. I'm gonna show you how to beat that record right now and he said and you're going to beat it without reading. I'm like what no breathing at all. Not even i do push ups. I'm breathing really heavily. Because my understanding is your body needs the oxygen to create energy to do the push ups women no breathing. He made me hold my breath. And i broke my push up record. I hit thirty eight. it was mind blowing. The entire episode is recorded. Those all access you can see it. It's in mind body mentoring. The entire evidence is there for you now. This is what we're going to do with you all of you. Hopefully you know your push record win. This gonna make you do pushups without breathing. Are you guys ready wim. Let's learn this technique. Let's do it right now. I'm getting ready. Greg good area. Everybody is ready in the mind. You know just be here with the breath we gonna inhale and let it go him that it in here know minding now just follow the breath. Athletic go out cannot no mandate just a brass force in letter to live for saying that we are alkali. Zing you've got to show it to vision camera do this. We are stronger than the last time because our mind more here do anything any form of exercise. Yes letting go letting go taking.

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