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Were just so fierce. Now there were several black liberation organizations taking shape at that time, including the Universal Negro Improvement Association. Are you and I, a founded by Marcus Garvey. The African Blood Brotherhood was founded by Cyril Breaks and African Caribbean American writer and self proclaimed Communist based in Harlem. A BB was small but influential. In part thanks to its magazine, the Crusader, they spoke unapologetically about their blackness about armed self defense. I admired the fact that the Crusader They refused to take ad money for, um, basically skin bleaching. They refused to take ad money for that, and I thought that was so progressive. That was definitely impressed. The Crusader also featured ads and images of dark skin women. With the frequency that was uncommon at the time. And in it, there were these recipes for making the most of your stale bread and also dress patterns for fuller figure women. It's hard to know exactly how many active members the abbey be had by 1920, probably around 1 to 2000 and as many as two thirds of them were women. University of Texas professor make a Mark Alani elsewhere within the Crusader. They're actually talking about the problem of and for mortality. The problem of child sickness, the problem of sanitation in tenements in Harlem. They are addressing these concerns that speak to those daily preoccupations that timid to fall on women.

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