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The cbp custom's and border protection sent out a statement yesterday to the AP about this. They said the extra security was following that breach of the border wall that happened in San Diego back in November. Remember that when when tear gas was used in all that between caravan members and border agents, caravan members say, hey, we're just trying to we're just trying to get in. So we can get some asylum and some members of the border patrol and say, no, we're actually at attacked by some of these people and ended up closing the busiest border crossing for five hours on thanksgiving weekend, the the border customs border protection said that such quote criminal events involving assaults in law enforcement and Aristo public safety are routinely monitored investigated by authorities. So really what they they say. They want to do is they want to talk to journalists who actually witnessed what was going. Some I don't know if there's anything more insidious than that going on. But you know, there are people that have accused President Trump of manufacturing the crisis at the border. So he can get money for the wall yesterday on Capitol Hill yet homeland security chief Houston Nielsen saying the threats real capacity is already severely restrained. But these increases will overwhelm the system entirely. This is not a manufactured crisis. This is truly an emergency. And she says the protect projections. The stats are dire agency is now on track to apprehend more migrants crossing illegally in the first six months of this fiscal year. Then the entirety of FYI seventeen. All right. So I don't know if congress needs to investigate border patrol CB, the D H S department homeland security to see if their if their projections are scientifically accurate or or what? But they do say there lies damn lies. And then there's statistics, right? But I don't know. This is what? The reports are that are coming in from the border sixty six thousand migrants crossed into the US just last month, including eleven thousand in Arizona. So while the president continues to make his case for his border wall. Well, one guy says, hey, let me Bill that sucker we do steel. We do the page road. We make our own concrete. So there's a lot of synergies that make our company a little more competitive. That's Tommy Fisher with Fisher industries, which is based in Tempe. When I first heard about this. I'm like somebody said, yeah, this this Fisher. And I thought to myself Fisher Price wants to build the border. That's good. It's gonna be plastic and there'll be a little built in kitchen fake. President saying eight billion dollars and he says he can save. He can he could spend a lot more money. If if he gets a chance his company gets a chance to build the wall, and it comes with a warranty by using all weathering steel instead of just regular carbon steel take the life of the barrier to seventy five years. What is this guy thinking, by the way, the government's going to save money doesn't this guy know that the government's job is to waste money? And he says he can build it for a lot less and it comes with a warranty. There's no way the government's ever going to go for that. The Trump administration course calculated eight billion and did not ask for this Fisher companies bid. But if someone needs an idea, and we have it you would almost be unpatriotic not to at least speak up and show. You can do. I think it is patriotic, you know, it's such an American tradition to just waste money. I think it's almost patriotic at this point, right? Yeah. They make their own steel and make their own concrete, and he says he can build anywhere that he's told to build. So we almost to guarantee the government will not get in contact with them. Six nineteen now KTAR see it in the valley Chevy dealers traffic.

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