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But i think if you bring in a saw defence offensive coordinator plus you have russell wilson who uh mask momma most of those up polls that you got on there and you fix up the defense your playoff team again so we'll see what they do but before i started the same ounce talking with tate and he's the guy that runs that put the place he does them may podcast check that one out to andy breads on the to my attention i'm going to be talking about after i make my nba picks all right so let's get into these nba patua here at the dallas mavericks first up facing off the charlotte hornets dallas zana backtoback hornets i don't think they gathered in play us today so i got the hornets in this when nothing went to warn its to it's looking like they might be trading kemba walker at the trade deadline so they can like they finally realise you know up wages spin on have it this year we're not going to be a good team we need to start rebuilding so watch for kemba walker to believe in the hornets this season but i got them being the mavericks then we get the miami heat facing off with the indiana pacers victor li depots back meyer he's on a backtoback i got the pacers in this one old depot when the pacers route there and or when the only depots out there with paces that's a four or five seed in the east right there with no question so i got them there we got the utah jazz face and over to washington wizards donovan mitchell's pretty much all of a utah's offense and i gotta the wizards i'm taking john wall aand bradley bill verses them we got the detroit pistons facing off with the brooklyn nets i don't know which way to go with this pick detroit is inconsistent brooklyn competes can win on any given day i'm gonna go with this is tough right here this is like that one pick i'm going to get all these other ones right this is like this one pick right here um.

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