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Shoe also audible to a pitch on the short side on a third and five, and then he was sacked on the next play ending a shot at making the game close at halftime? I always wonder. Why anyone ever runs? To the short side especially in college football. It is a phone booth on the short side filled with dudes by the way the picture and time. Magazine Saint Mary's College. Gives me nightmares though I hate it. Cam Robinson the left tackle thrown out of the game. Made. contact. With an official. The rookie corner CJ Henderson was on the wrong end of one of four pass interference calls. Against the. jags and he also failed to touch. SEAVER Jaquim grant. After grant went down after making a diving catch, he jumped up ran for an extra ten yards. Then adding insult to injury the jags probably lost linebacker Leeann. Jake was for the season as he got carted off in the opening drive like a bad right knee injury. There by then really fitzpatrick was in control. You know and and Jacksonville of what they do is they allow touchdowns on the the opening drive and. MARRONE. Maroney. Doug Marrone said we've got to do a better job of executing early on. There are a lot of people who were surprised. At we would have. Doug marrone. Even, having his job. At this point Shod Kahn or Shaheed Khan. decided to stick with him. The Rookie Brandon Right. The jags rookie made his NFL debut. and. Joining a small list of. Lack place kickers in the league and if you think about it. Gene MINGO COOKIE GILCHRIST Donald Igwe Week.' al-Baidh Hariri. Cedric Oglesby and Justin medlock. and. He missed an extra point and then he injured his groin. Early. Work out right there. and then Jake Safety Andrew Win Guard was ruled out at halftime because he had an injury and he was already filling in for the starter, Jared Wilson. WHO'S ON IRR? And then it just like will what's gone right? What's gone wrong? The one thing that I think that if you are the Jags and you say, is there a? Is there a bright spot? In. This line of right now is anybody. Anything going on. They do. Have A. UNDRAFTED free agent running. Back. Who is playing very well, and that's the thing that you really you know as you look for any type of rights spots whatsoever. And that rookie His name James Robson. James Robinson is a guy who If you think about, how did he get through the the draft because he has the most yards from scrimmage on drafted rookie in NFL history so far? Three, hundred and thirty nine. And they had faith in him. After they got rid of Leonard Fournette. This was a guy who when he was at Illinois. State round you talk about fours he ran for four hundred, four, thousand, four, hundred, and forty, four yards and forty four touchdowns. Hope. He was number forty four. He finished with over five thousand yards all second in school history but apparently Marty Miller who's a scout his wife Had A hunch. said go with him. I think it's not fair to Mardi Miller's wife that we don't know her name. It's like at Wimbledon when it said Mrs J amyloid and it was Chris Evert but the scoreboard said Mrs. J. M Lloyd Americans are like her name's Chris Evert. What does this stuff? Look the guys is producing and this happens every time. You know some guy will be gem in the rough and right now Robinson, is currently second in the NFL with rushing and five yards a game as well. and. This is a guy who's making twenty thousand dollars guaranteed. He plays the whole season he'll make. Six hundred and ten thousand dollars, which is good. The minimum there. Let. you every you gotta you gotTa. Look for something bright right now..

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