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Airports and there will multiple magazines talking about blockchain's and cryptocurrencies like on the front page of them and how is about to disrupt everything so i've just learned a little bit about this stuff i've been talking to the light the folk overbalanced recently this was like a real big thing that's coming so i recommend may be trying to get just a little bit more familiar with some of it and balances a great place to sought so bowed out money flash relay you get get you're on your way to loves and their him uh thanks to balance for their support of the show all right so we are weak away really burying the lead today where her week away from an apple event it is going to happen it the steve jobs theater on apple park on september twelve it's going to be the first event uh we're going to be recording the day after as we like to do on the show so we let conner the new settling piece together all the stuff that we want to piece together what are we think's gonna be announced federico what are you what do you think is going to happen all right so i think it's safe to say we are expecting three neil iphones and i'm i'm confident that the what people are referring to as the seven s and seven us plus will actually be called the iphone eight and i've liked plus and that the special in in all the all new all screen topnotch iphone will be called sunday like gavin addition or i from proreform acts i dunno but some other name.

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