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On this episode of the vegas podcast. The costumes were so elaborate and some of them were so heavy and the headdresses that we were the backpacks. The hats a some of the things the way up to thirty pounds sitting on your on your head in your shoulders and because you have this way on top of your head. You can't look down so when you're going down these giant staircases that we had in finale at the end of the show. You can't look down if you look down than your whole. Take you down. Humbling down hundreds of stairs in the middle of the show in spanish. Its name means the meadows. You might know it as the entertainment capital of the world lost wages or simply sin city of course talking about fabulous las vegas nevada on average forty. Two million people. Visit las vegas every year. And i'm one of them. I love this city the sights. The sounds the shows. The people the history i wanna share all of it with you taking you to the world famous vegas strip and beyond vitamins jeff and this is the jeff. Does bag is podcast. Hey there and welcome to episode number eighty two of the jeff does vegas podcast before we dive into this episode of the show. I want to thank my guest from the last episode. See reggie rogers of connoisseur. Entertainment and action shot productions. Reggie and his team are behind. A new documentary called closed for business. The covid nineteen shut down in las vegas and telling the stories of those most affected by the shutdown. If you wanna learn more about the documentary and find out how you can help get it released. Jump into the archives wherever you get your podcast and search out episode number eighty one closed for business or head to the website at jeff does vegas dot com all right here. We go onto the show news guest for this episode of the podcast is a vegas showed girl. And i'm not talking about the showgirls. You see strolling the strip posing in pictures with tourists for tips. I mean she is a legit. Las vegas showgirl. Danny elizabeth began dancing as a small child and she just never really stopped growing up in upstate. New york she studied marketing and advertising in university continuing to dance through her college years with her school. Dance team and arena football team and she even performed as a famous superhero at a six flags theme park making her way to los angeles. She was able to train with a world renowned broadway dancer and choreographer which eventually led to her securing her very first vegas gig in one of the most legendary shows to ever grace the strip following the closure of that show in two thousand sixteen danny moved on to be a part of another legendary vegas show where she since worked as a dancer and host. Danny and i talked about all of this during our chat as well as how. She's been staying busy during the covid. Nineteen shutdown including planning a wedding and starting a new business venture with another vegas headliner. Please enjoy my conversation.

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