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It's like full-on stadium in the round kind of thing jane screens hanging out here but the stage they're able to project graphics onto the actual stage itself show like the character that they're using their names or whatever it's it's a real ass like production and high production evaluate sounds a lot like the international up there in st under five name. Hook them on world championships or nothing barely look every year. We're we're those different plates. The first year was the first year they stopped having it in hawaii so oh this year it's in d._c. But i mean they have special graphics but it's like in a regular convention center. It's not it's not like where they have. Actual fights enemy blood has been spilled where you're playing yeah but <hes> on that they put in front of sunday and now the least amount of entrance but also the least amount the people were kind of their their front cross tag is like the best fighting game besides what do you think of those announcements take and in fact we've been saying like syndrome kagera coming to cross tag another ruby character which is really dope and then a big ass tang and i'm like from akatsuki blitz comfort like those like tanks. The girl tanks like a l. Tank take with big skull on it and it takes up more than what is being discussed not because there's like there's girls that turn into like four ships okay well circus tak- saturn's yeah true but it's not that it's role in it. This is from the game where you from under night was first in and they're putting him into which got pretty hype <hes> yeah that's weird but i mean i'll saying like h._p. Shots she's taxes persona but like she'd been kicking the shit out of tanks for the minute counter. Pick already lined up yeah so some some weird announce being a weird announcements. I mean the tech and seven shouts out to arthur. Ask who won yeah incredible story. If you don't know the guy who won the tech in seven grand finals yvo this year also want to japan. He knocked down aka. Who's a filipino player. I mean this out there. It's okay because arcelor ashes his story isn't credible thirty from pakistan to the biggest stage in what being the best player amazing story but not having a lot of access to other top level players to play against still showing up and and now japanese players and cream players are looking can at him and they were like a man applets..

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