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Leader violating the rules when other cult members notice choukou gaining weight is shoko claim that is fat accumulated as a result of absorbing all the karma of people he purified and by purified he meant killed no free of shook goes influence here ueki son join the fight against option reco together the father and son team rescued thirty brainwashed followers from shoko with the help of a lawyer named tara takimoto who often help them negotiate directly with senior cult members to secure the release of lower level called members but here yuki was especially insistent on saving his close friend masami tsuchiya elite scientists of aum shinrikyo here ueki son who asked not to be named in an interview with the japan times spent ten hours a day trying to persuade masami to escape with them but to no avail this decision would later have dire consequences in 1993 che the cult's minister of health and welfare developed sadly strains of anthrax and sprayed it in large quantities off the roof of an amish enrico building hoping that the deadly cloud would kill non cult members and the surrounding area to his disappointment no one was killed or got sick the only thing it did succeed in was creating a foulsmelling odor that residents reported to the police impatient to get his apocalypse started in 1993 shoko ordered seiichi to load the anthrax on the same modified trucks that were used to release clustered em botulinum again nobody died or got sick to show goes disappointment later investigations by the police revealed that say jeez anthrax strains were not volume one b the weaponsgrade anthrax but a harmless vaccine strain from shook his point of view these attacks were frustrating they didn't kill anyone and they were only drawing suspicion to the cult after discussion with several of his scientists including hideo murai shoko switched the focus of weapons development from germs to say.

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