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This laser of blue light to flickr at forty beat her second yeah man frequency and they turn that on in the like charles down the five route the cable deep down into the brain this group that sells that they've modified in the hit the campus to be sensitive to life so when the whole thing like hit be self they actually began of i hear at forty beat per second again my frequency and then to keep the self firing when our firing an firing and firing in firing in firing ben ben after one hour they can up to light and then eventually they started looking at the the brains of these mice trying to figure out if anything was different after the light flashed and they see who are much surprise are not expecting that's not all we found after they shot this whole saying light into the brain their wrist suddenly nearly half as much of that soon to be nasty plaque gun stuff it was filling up the hit the campus half of the yeah path half of the stuff was just swept away yes forty two fifty percent reduction a bit i'm annoyed patches seems tricky thing the i mean we're ready for for prize having no more yeah yeah so turn out to paul seem like somehow triggered the brains cleanup crew michael goodie of the cells in the brain that are called micro believe you can say get agenda of the brain and in a normal brain these janitor cells usually gobble up the guy bought in upset my disease it's known that michael and they they dome sort of function amari anymore it's like these janitor is just start outs can any not and go on strike there we got okay cool but he's who are looking in a screen it's now flat it's not not the when i was that mit one of the ways grad student sign him is anthony march around the second year we're showing me side by side.

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