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Whoa wait another episode of ours to the Person. By name is William. Jeffrey and I'm here with my lustrous hosts we'll see good. Morning will not think you. Kinda you saw yourself a little short. I know him they call you. They'll amazing and NAMIC. Mr William Jefferies. Good morning we allow you to call myself amazing man. This is good. This is the kitchen up. Section of our podcast busy. Yeah a little bit. We'll have a little bit man. I have just been blessed also over the past few months. I've had a few items that I can check. Check out my bucket list. That have occurred recently published an article along with my college dean. Dr Poets Texas Attack Lillian Read Texas. Southern University published an article in school leadership review actually was an article from my dissertation. And so that was in the summer twenty eighteen episode of school leadership review also UNM. I wrote an article in Edgy. Engine match calm down there you go. Yeah for sure mine. Also and also so we published an article parole involvement leaving no CIA behind does eighteen so once in a big shoutout to Sarah Families. Yeah for twenty one of the authors that are in there and I think we get these office on the show absolutely. That sounds by chapters. That's great again. Thanks Sarah for providing us with that that platform for being able to get out writings out there and something. I'm also very excited by being honored by my my university Texas Southern University where I received my doctorate degree there on me as one of their outstanding educators for two thousand eighteen. Wow so yeah. We'll be free. Say That we'll but it is. Shula honored to be acknowledged for the work that that I've done in past years. We're trying to help promote growth in teachers educators and students yes the USO correct ave our received an award from the public schools array right. That was an amazing feat for me because I don't work in the Houston is era. He more act award was renamed. Arousal district getting that award and parents see. I believe that's when you know that you work is is appreciate in and acknowledged when you don't you're not even there anymore and you've left so you left a legacy and they're just ignored you for that. So that when you know that your work is meaningful. I believe pretty amazing deal here. So let's year to our topic neck semi saying we're GonNa talk about Cross Major. Sounds good.

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