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A roster spot aren't even get a get a whip of the field because they don't wanna put any of those players under any kind of risk of of injury so it was going to be really at all times oh we see nick mullins a cuba we might might see him your bryant lawyer certainly when it suited up uh yeah i don't know i think that they feel wanna see bad third get him some staff are he looks like he was the number two guy and then barkley i can't imagine it it beth thirds a number two i can't imagine they keep barkley on the team so what that means is you know they would release him and if they need a 'nother quarterback later you know no one's gonna be taking him up but i would think that they would want to eat nick molins around for the practice squads so that he could make his exhibition debut tonight as we go the nick mullin show a man i'm going to watch it tonight said is to see that so many if they only do keep to quarterbacks that is definitely a risk you you wrote that in your piece it embassies force buried i comp so i mean how likely is that a bold prediction by you there is that something that you think makes a ton of sense roster wise because all of a sudden you go into a carolina opener earned a brian tweaks his ankle comes each that third hey kid no pressure he yeah this way you your no team has three quarterbacks active on game day anyway okay so you're going to go into these games with hoyer it bettered active and not have it a number three auction which is which all teams had to quarterbacks up on game day but a poor you're where to get injured this in on sunday night mad barkley is is on a on a plane from southern california coming up to the bay area because he on no one's going to claim yemen put him on their 53man so your your brain him back into the building in in bed he would.

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