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Of course, not the smartest ruled out the nozzle read is being held out which looked a little suspicious, but he did take did take a very hard shot to the mouth and the Florida game. And and there's Tony Benford the interim coach said today that you know, they're they're hoping to find out today that that he can play in the SEC term at us spec. He would. But when you know, the the the arena was full. The and of course, there's signs everywhere. Free will Wade, and we support coach weight, and all of a sudden, you see Joel leave the student's section across the arena from the other end of the arena this joint leave a walking seats, which I didn't think it was a wise move on his part, and it just started booing and just you just aimed all their other Detroit at him. And I think he kind of be kind of went somewhere else in the second half. But. I think people need to understand a little bit Paul the the atmosphere here over the last several months, and this goes back to the Texas in football game where people here think that their team got screwed in Texas M game by some of the calls. You're the NFC championship game. Which would LSU, of course. But people say the saints got screwed in that game the whole Anthony Davis saga going on. And now you have this thing where we have a coach and he's winning. And they they fear that he is getting ripped away from people have just had enough. And you know, right there wrongly they people fancier just had enough, and and they're just fed up, and they just focused all their anger and animosity onto one guy. They could see it was Joel alita emptying Alexander. The president was also there, but they didn't he he wasn't making himself an obvious target. So didn't give him a hard time. But it was it was something like I've never seen before the mixture of anger and celebration in defiance than that LSU fans. Have course, every fan base. To hold onto their coach these situations, and they'll rally around him until the bitter end. Listen, I'll Joel even defend himself. But I still am begging on you for some help here. Trying to understand why fans would use expletives directed toward the athletic director when this decision to suspend. We'll wait at least on the short term was was not even not even a challenging decision. I mean, this was made at the highest level of the institution. And I doubt Joe Aleve. Made the decision by his by himself. I I really just for the life of me don't understand that type of behavior. And you're right. I mean, it I think LSU made the decision they had to make Rostov jar former colleague who who works for Sports Illustrated wrote a story looking at wins contracts, and they could have fired for insubordination for being willing to talk. Clearly, they don't want to do that out of hand, you know, right now. But yeah, no. It was it was the decision they they had to make an I I think, you know, right? Minded people would say that. But it's, but, you know, leave is not a popular figure to begin like a lot of athletic directors. But particularly this one is not helped himself through the years with a lot of PR decisions going back to the Duke lacrosse scandal..

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