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With John sterling near is the to break that ball is. In dirt three. Homerun, Mike, Nick. The suck man. The sock man jets. We want me say bad. It's cold sock. Man, right. He's trying to haul this discussion early on the first. This is still really good. That's terrible. Sean calls funny. I got it. Which was the best one. I love Robbie canot Bernie Williams, burn. We use the now for the Mets. No, no, no, intellectual property IP. Joel correct. I don't know. This is the first one that started all of this hormone call. That's I thought it was Bernie Williams. I mean, it's not burn baby burn. It's got to be that era of guys. Well, it has. Yeah. You're right. Now, I'm just guessing here. That's a great question. Andrew, I don't know that it's a fed. Good venture guests. I would say was Bernie Williams. Okay. Thank you. Say it's Bernie. The south man ordering in eight nothing decision. Barris horrible over the Red Sox. Tell him please. Stop. For me. In the Bronx, James Paxson k twelve over eight to hittings the Mariners took their fifth loss in a row for to Cleveland, Houston. One Oakland nine one extending their win streak to double digits and the raise beat the os for to Tampa MLB best thirteen and four the dodgers taught the red six one the cubs. Afford win in Miami. And the Phillies jumped on the Mets with a ten run first inning. They won the game. Fourteen. Three to fill is also awarded the twenty twenty six all star game in conjunction with the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the declaration of independence. Philly also hosted the all star game in seventy six as part of the bicentennial playoff ice the top seated lightening dawn swift by the blue jackets seven three in Columbus, the lightning the first team in the expansion era which began in sixty seven to have the best regular season record. And then get swept in round one also sweeping the islanders out the penguins. Three one in Pittsburgh last night. Yes. The jets one not in Saint Louis to one free to series the Golden Knights dumped the sharks five nothing for a three one lead. The patriots have signed veteran receiver Damaris Thomas and the chargers will wear powder blue jerseys at home this season. Nice those gentleman, we're free share that, sir. Thanks. Thank you. Okay. So we asked a question about LeBron James do you miss LeBron right now in the playoffs? Full lines. A burn up. Let's go. Let's go out to California took the Irving listening on radio dot com. Your on how you doing? Gentlemen. Good moments. What's up, man? I am collab- LeBron in the full year. Some new stars. Right. Exactly. So you don't miss them one bit. You're just to watch the games. You're cool. I'm great, actually, I'm guessing lebrons at home with the sun. Running some Space Jam lights might be. Sound like the biggest LeBron fan? Honest with you. So I can't hear maybe tired of tired of the act, but even even if say for yourself like your your route against LeBron. You don't miss having that presence. You don't think it adds something to the NBA playoffs? You think the NBA playoffs are just as exciting without the best player in the world part of it. The era because now you can really hate into all the other games that are going on. And all the other teams. You're not just focus on what LeBron doing right? It's a good point. It's been laser focus on him because he's been a ratings bonanza. That's it. I mean, I if you get frustrated why you know, the likes of you know, what will we do ESPN FOX go up and down the live TASR all the major networks. It terms of y at times we focus in on LeBron's is because middle projects call. Yeah. No, he's he's he's a ratings machine. I know any any generates buzz and people react to it. I get it. And listen Taza are with you. I mean for different reasons, but I do think it's refreshing. And I think for LeBron TASR I actually think it will probably work in his favourite depending on what the Lakers do this off season going into next year getting ready for the playoffs because he's played a lot of basketball is in his mid thirties. Yeah. No. Yeah. Again. Do you miss LeBron in the playoffs? Yes. Or no eight five five two one two four two two seven squat the Portland, Oregon talked to John listening on seven fifty AM John. What's up, y'all? The most taking my man you got. I want to give a shoutout task for give it some core. Doodo CJ McCollum, Damian Lillard. Yes. I mean, they're the best backward deal since we had Clyde Drexler and Terry porter in the NBA finals, and they went up against one of the best backward. Deals and Thomas and Joe Dumars. I'm telling you man this backward. Do is ready to stay and hope we can continue onto the play offs. And I wanna thanks for giving a shout shot up the Portland trailblazers. We'll get no attention out here. We don't care about the Bronco trailblazer. You guys a little? Oh, you good. That was a really good Portland team. Those the wrong time where he had porter and he had CLYDE at your own Kersee, Kevin Duckworth, Buck Williams that was those are really good really deep team Cliff Robinson was on the team as well. I believe at one point toward the tail end of that run. I believe he was correct. I think he was I think he was in the shot when Jordan put his hands up Clifford in the Bassey is right. If you're right about that had been all let's go out on the jersey. I to we have some special for the next call John listening radio dot com. John John John Lewis before becoming a question or whatever your grievance. We list on. We said you call the show a lot your misguide document, then you segue to being TASR guy, which might be the best movie you've ever made. We know that we got we understand that we have as promised. This is a work in progress. This is not the finish finish three two.

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